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Email relay is suitable with customers who have their own email server/VPS and want to optimize email sending and receiving. 
  • Use dedicated public IP (not be shared).
  • Do not limit the number of emails sent daily.
  • Send valid 99% to recipients. 
  • Send 99% valid email without advertising to inbox.


Email Relay Mega
Email Relay Giga
Email Relay Tera
8 USD/Month
13 USD/Month
30 USD/Month












Extra Domain $1.00/domain/month
Additional Email Block (for all plans) $7.00/5000 emails/month


  • The fee does not include 10% VAT.
  • Please contact us directly or bid / login interface of service packs management before ordering the upgrade options and additional services.
  • Storage limit of each Email: 30 MB. You are not allowed to send campaign mail, bulk mail and phishing. If needed, please refer to email marketing for details.
  • VinaHost is responsible for configuring and managing email service. These functions such as receiving mail, managing accounts will be managed by customer.
  • Unlimited number of email accounts.
  • Supported upgrade / downgrade for the group email service pack Relay.
  • Unsupported converted into Email Hosting or Email Marketing.


Dedicated IP support
Dedicated IP support
Customers have their own dedicated IP (not be shared) that prevent emails from being sent to blacklist.
24/7 Technical Support
24/7 Technical Support
Email hosting gets priority and free technical support.
Increase of email delivery rates
Increase of email delivery rates
99% of valid emails are sent to recipient and are not rejected because of low reputation.
Increase of the rate of email into inbox
Increase of the rate of email into inbox
99% of valid emails without advertising are sent to inbox.
Number of emails
Number of emails
The number of email sent daily is unlimited.
Mailing method
Mailing method
Email relay supports many ways to send emails.
Easy integration
Easy integration
Email relay is integrated easily with available business email systems or other mail systems like Outlook, Thunderbird, Webmail...
Detailed statistics
Detailed statistics
Intuitive tools do statistics of the number of emails sent daily.
Refund policy
Refund policy
Email relay is applied with 30-days no questions asked refund policy.


Customers who have their own email server/VPS and want to optimize email sending and receiving are recommended to use email relay. Common problems (like being rejected by Google, Yahoo and other providers) will be resolved with email relay.

You need an email server/VPS to use email marketing.

Yes. You need to sign up for an account and choose a 7-day free trial. One trial plan applies once to 1 customer.

Yes. You are supported for transferring email hosting data from other provider to VinaHost. According to each case, this will be free or paid service.

There are many reasons why email is sent to spam mailbox: Emails are sent to receivers in the same company (this will be blocked by the firewall); Emails contain only a large image; Number of emails are sent by email hosting instead of email marketing.

VinaHost will check the cause and fix errors and then resolve dedicated case.

Email relay is dedicated to clients who have their own mail server. Email hosting just requires a domain to use.


Whether you’re the owner of a big company or a small start-up, there’re many reasons for you not to choose free email hosting Vietnam plan. Email relay Vietnam meant for enterprises provides one of the biggest benefits a company could benefit from – a medium of trust for your clients. There’re a number of other reasons to invest in enterprise email hosting: 
  • Safe communication tool: No client likes their personal information shared with 3rd-parties. It is the key that you protect the personal information of your clients, employees and your own company. The best way to offer this promise of security within all your communications tools are to completely abandon 3rd party free email hosting and invest in your own Vietnam email relay. With your own email hosting also come a built-in firewall that shields all your email accounts from catching viruses.
  • Get more customized storage space: Losing important emails and documents due to insufficient storage space can be an absolutely lethal mistake for businesses. When you invest in enterprise email hosting, you are offered a significant amount of storage space, and one that is customizable to your company’s demands. 
  • Company trust: Using free email hosting may not get the attention of your clients, sending you straight into the spam folder. When you invest in premium email hosting Vietnam, all emails sent from your employees come with their company name in the addresses. To set up your brand and reputation with both new and existing clients, it is recommended that you use hosted Vietnamese hosting.
  • Good technical support:Tech support is one of the main functions that free email hosting vendors do not offer. With paid email hosting services, reaching a professional team of your email vendor is breeze – assisting in keeping your email service in Vietnam running at all times. On top of this, you can receive log reports and analysis for email delivery failure, enabling you to take remedial action on time, without sacrificing or losing business.
Email relay in Vietnam is suitable with customers who have their own email server/VPS and want to optimize email sending and receiving. Common issues when sending mail from a VPS/mail server (like being rejected by Google, Yahoo and other email providers) are resolved with email relay. You can upgrade your email relay package as your demand. For more information about email relay configuration, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email
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