.DE domain renewal / Transit Status

Our .DE domains are registered through 'Enom' with the .DE registry DENIC.
.DE domains can be renewed successfully up to 10 days prior to the expiry date. After this time the domain enters 'Transit' status.

:: .DE expiry timeline ::

The following is a timeline describing the .DE expiry process:
- 40 days before the expiry date: A renewal reminder email is sent to the owner contact.
- 19 days before expiry: An expiry reminder email is sent to the owner contact.
- 10 days before expiry: WebWide sends a delete request to DENIC and within the next 10 days the domain enters Transit status.
- When the domain reaches the expiry date it is deleted from our system.

Once the domain has reached the expiry date, DENIC will contact the registrant directly, and within a period of four weeks they must either appoint a new provider (such as Enom) or confirm deletion of the domain, otherwise the domain is transferred for administration to DENICdirect (http://www.denic.de/en/domains/denicdirect/direct.html).
Note: the domain is not deleted from DENIC unless specifically requested by the registrant, however if DENIC contact the customer and receive no response, they are able to re-register the domain with a new registrant from the beginning of the Transit period.

:: Reclaiming a .DE domain from Transit status ::

If your domain is in Transit status and you wish to reclaim it, please contact operator support at [email protected]

:: Further Information ::

You can read more about Transit and reclaiming a .DE domain via the DENIC website:

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