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Services to install and configure the server

Services to install and configure the server

Applies to all rented virtual server packs, VinaHost supports the implementation of these actions after the installation and configuration:

  • Install and configure the managed hosting system based on Linux operating systems.
  • Install and configure services on the Linux operating system, according to one of the following requirements:
    • Use the configuration of service source development partners.
    • When using separate configuration, follow the instructions provided by the customer.
    • Using the configuration equivalent to customer service packages, are used in other vendors.
    • Use the configuration under optimal consulting of VinaHost technical team.
  • Install the software services on Linux compatible with version of the operating system installed.
  • Customer data transfer from other vendors on VinaHost server.
  • Minimize the disruptions of moving on VinaHost website.
  • Configure the data backup function automatically:
    • Local backup configuration on the customer's server.
    • Configure a backup closest (daily / weekly or monthly depending on customer requirements).
    • Customer guide how to recover data.
  • Other technical operations within the limits of managed services package.

Customers should be listed and described in detail with the full range of installation requirements at the time of the service pack activated or at time of service performance installation and server configuration.

Limited service

Service installation and configuration does not include operations

  • Configure brand (branding) and content service package odd (hosting package) for customers using the service for business purposes hosting.
  • Optimum configuration of services or complex technology without specific documentation supplied.
  • Install and configure the service on the Windows operating system.
  • Installation and configuration services as required by code or encrypted website is not copyrighted.
  • Intervening in the configuration management services not directly provided by VinaHost

Service Fees

  • FREE when the virtual server service pack Fixed Cloud VPS is activated.
  • Included in the installation fee (800.000VND) of private server packages and rent server space set.
  • 100,000 VND / times for the service pack have enabled virtual server or virtual server Flex VPS Cloud
  • 500,000 VND / times for private server packages and rent server space has enabled set.

The new service pack is considered to have triggered if

  • acceptance period is no longer present.
  • can ask to keep the IP addresses switch from other services.
  • can ask to keep configuration data from other services.
  • there are other factors that show customers abuse policy to support the new service pack

Time deployment and acceptance

Technical Department will be estimating deployment time and regularly update notification to clients in the course of implementation.

After completing the installation and configuration, technical department will provide information on the steps taken. Acceptance period is calculated as 48 hours from the technical department of management information handed over to customers.

If customers have additional requirements during the acceptance test, the technical department will consider supporting the allowable limit, but the time limit will not change.

If unresponsive during acceptance, the customer is deemed to have accepted configuration as currently installed on the server.

If customers proactively intervene in the configuration of services and servers without informing discussions with technical room or self-configured false defect, acceptance period is terminated immediately.