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1. Payment.

  • VinaHost commit 100% money-back within 30 days of active service if customers request. The amount and form of refund will depend on the specific case refunds are specified in the refund policy.

2. Regulation refund.

  • Within 30 days of active service package, if the client requests to stop using the service and refund, VinaHost will refund in cash / transfer 100% of the value paid service without ask customers to provide reasons. Type of service applies: shared hosting, email hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual Servers (VPS). Note: Customer is responsible for paying the transfer fee and the associated administrative costs (if any).
  • If the claim for refund arises outside the mold at 30 days of service activation (applies to Web hosting services - hosting, reseller hosting - reseller, email hosting, rental virtual servers, rental dedicated servers, and rental colocation servers), the balance after deducting the costs for using credit per month is added to the customer's account at VinaHost. This balance is used to purchase products in (does not apply to Vietnam domain name), not allowed to be converted into cash.
  • This type of service is not refundable under any form: Subscribe / renew / transfer domain names, Buy copyrighted software, services upgrade or purchase other once more charged.

3. Conditions for refund

  • Each customer can only be reimbursed one time for each type of service in the licensed area refund
  • If customers request a refund for one of the following information data coincide with customer / service has been completed, the company's cash refund request will be refused: a. The same request (same ID number). b. Along domain name used on the service package. c. Same phone number registered
  • Refund request is denied if clients stopped providing service for violating the provisions of VinaHost use.