CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution use a CDN network that describes a system of multiple computers connected to each other through the Internet, in order to distribute content to users. Data access via CDNs helps reduce latency, increase traffic and expand scalability. CDN is the best choice for content solution including web objects, media files, software, documents, video streaming realtime, …

The CDN system is essentially a cache server system, or replica server, containing identical and synchronized copies of data (such as videos, photos, documents, software …) hosted in different parts of the world. The goal is to reach users and help them query the nearest data, and reduce the load for the original server.

Benefits of CDN service for organizations and businesses

  • Just need to pay for bandwidth usage.
  • Increase the number of visitors in many places, find potential customers and expand business activities to other regions and countries.
  • Save money to invest and upgrade your existing server system, just focus on your business.
  • Be compatible with popular source codes such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento…
  • Being highly appreciated by Google Ranking with better search results, increasing business advantages than competitors.
  • Use a mechanism to locate the server closest to the user to transfer data faster, speed up website anywhere.
  • The static files of the website will be hosted on the cluster of CDN Network servers that reduces server load.
dịch vụ CDN

Benefits of CDN service to end-users

  • Save bandwidth for loading static data (images, css, javascript).
  • Speed up website, minimize latency when accessing and viewing content distribution websites such as Movies, Video clips, TVC, …
  • Enhance user experience when accessing the website real time.
  • Allow users to watch online TV shows and events on the Internet at the fastest speed, ensuring the best image and sound quality even when viewed with popular devices (laptop, mobile,…).

Who needs to use CDN service

  • The website has a lot of traffic or contains a lot of static content (images, css, javascript).
  • Media service providers, businesses and individuals use high-quality CDN infrastructure to distribute content (Movies, Video clips, TVC …) on the Internet to promote and sell products and services to end-user.
  • Company events, liveshow, gameshow, fashion shows, music … need live reporting service for users via the Internet.
  • Broadcasters need to develop channels for viewers through their website.
  • Business customers need to distribute Media content without investing in equipment, server infrastructure as well as technology to transfer Media content (video, livechannel, movie, tvc, live shows, photo documents ….) on the Internet.
  • Organizations and businesses need to develop VOD services (Video clips, Media, Movie …) on the internet.

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