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.VN domain name is used to identify the location of a computer on the Internet.

The domain name is used to identify the location of a computer on the Internet.

It is also the name of networking and server on the Internet.

Especially, a domain name is the only one on the Internet.

It is formed by the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS).

You can’t register one domain belonging to someone. If you want to buy a Vietnam domain names for your business, let check if it is available or not, and register domain name before someone buys it.

It’s necessary for you to build a website with a domain VN when starting your business in Vietnam. Follow these tips to buy the best domain:

  • Do not contain special characters: Domain name only includes letters of the alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9) and minus (-). A valid domain name should not contain these components: #, $, @, %. A domain cannot start with (-).
  • Do not make mistake: Make sure the name you have selected is not trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. 
  • As short as possible: The domain name must not exceed 63 characters, this is general regulation. The short domain name should be prioritized. 
  • Use an appropriate domain extension: Depending on target customers, you can buy VN domain or international domain name as well as domain extension. These followings are the most popular international domain extensions: .net (network), .org (organization), .com (communication), .info (information), .gov (government), .biz (business),…
  • Easy to remember: A domain should be easy to remember, read and write. It should be a short meaningful phrase. Domain is not only and online address but also company’s brand, so making customers remember your domain will remind them of your brand.
  • Use keyword: Remember to include the keywords that people enter when searching for your products or services. It helps improve your rank on search engines and just makes more sense to your customers.

A good domain Vietnam is quickly sold out. Thankfully, they are also inexpensive, so register your favorite domains as soon as possible. Get trouble when finding the best domain name for your business? 

Register domain Vietnam with VinaHost will suggest alternate names during your domain search to help you find the perfect domain names.

On April 2, 2020, VinaHost was officially recognized by Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) as a “.VN” domain name registrar. 

From this moment, all foreign individuals and organizations can register, maintain and use the domain name “.VN” through the VINAHOST Registrar at the address:

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