The cloud server is the same as virtual servers that is based on cloud computing environment. The cloud server Vietnam operates as the independent software. This also means that it does not depend on any other software and will possess all the software and application required.

cloud server

Cloud server is easy for you to adjust all the software as you want. This modify consists of the operating system that is not always found at other technical virtualization such as cloud VPS Vietnam. Your environment is always stable and safe because most of the software issues are private.

In the other hands, other cloud servers cannot do harm to your systems and you cannot do to others. Your server is not affected in the case other cloud servers get overload because resources are separated. It resulted to the stability. Of cause your server does not suffer hardware errors from others.

Besides, cloud server help customers get more economically efficient than many types of similar dedicated server in vietnam. For example, the cloud servers will charge you less and receive more server resources, with a faster operation. In web hosting terms, your site will run faster on a cloud hosting server in comparison with the dedicated server with the same cost.
One of the benefits of cloud server you can see that is its good scale.

Customer can be easy upgrade surplus equipment like CPU, RAM memory, HDD space) to their cloud server. Of course, you will have all with affordable price. It is also the reason why cloud servers are used more and more popular and it is even preferred to Vietnam dedicated server.

VinaHost cloud server uses DELL powerful hardware with Intel E5 CPU, SSD with NVMe standardized hard drive to speed up Cloud Server and optimize performance in comparison with traditional VPS. Unlike traditional VPS running on only one physical server, Vietnam cloud server hosting is set up to store distributed data on multiple servers.

As a result, when physical server’s hardware gets failure, cloud server can move back and forth between the physical servers to increase the availability of the system. In addition, cloud servers for business in Vietnam is provided with IPv6, private IPv4 and free periodic backup to secure data.

If you are running the system of high traffic sites, video streaming, live streaming and others that need high security and uptime, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email for help.

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