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Container Service for Kubernetes – A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency for enterprises by running containerized applications on the cloud.


Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) integrates virtualization, storage, networking, and security capabilities. ACK allows you to deploy applications in high-performance and scalable containers and provides full lifecycle management of enterprise-class containerized applications.

Alibaba Cloud was one of the first vendors to pass the Kubernetes conformance certification tests globally. Alibaba Cloud offers professional support and services.


Improves your efficiency in deploying Kubernetes resources. You do not have to explore and develop Kubernetes by yourself.


Security and Management

  • Ensures end-to-end security for applications and supports permission management within an enterprise by using Alibaba Cloud accounts and RAM users.


Ease of Use

  • Helps create containers and clusters easily. Provides all-in-one lifecycle management of containerized applications.


High Efficiency and Reliability

  • Verified by Alibaba Cloud in super-large-scale scenarios. Allows you to start a large number of containers in seconds.


Networking – Storage – Logging

  • Networking: Enables communication between containers on different hosts. Supports VPC for high-performance networks
  • Storage: Supports volume management, cloud disks, and NAS file systems as volumes
  • Logging: Supports automatic log collection and integration with Log Service
Monitoring – Scheduling – Routing

  • Monitoring: Supports container monitoring and VM monitoring
  • Scheduling: Allows you to deploy workloads across zones to ensure high availability. Allows you to reschedule workloads off failed nodes
  • Routing: Allows you to forward layer 4 and layer 7 requests and bind the requests to backend containers

Permission – Authorization – Cluster Management

  • Permission: Supports authorizing RAM users to manage clusters
  • Authorization: Support RBAC authorization management system
  • Cluster Management: Allows you to create or delete clusters in different regions based on your business requirements
Resource Management – Integration – High Availability

  • Resource Management: Allows you to authorize ACK to create new ECS instances in specific clusters. Allows you to add existing ECS instances to specific clusters
  • Integration: Supports integration with VPCs to provide secure and high-performance deployment solutions that apply to hybrid cloud scenarios. Supports integration with SLBs to enable access to containers
  • High Availability: Supports affinity policies and horizontal scaling of services. Provides high availability and disaster recovery across zones


An optimized continuous delivery pipeline

ACK works with Jenkins to automate the DevOps pipeline from code submission to application deployment. ACK ensures that only code that passes automatic tests is submitted for deployment, and provides a better alternative to traditional delivery models that involve complex deployments and slow iterations.

ACK enables the following features:

  • Automated DevOps: Automates the DevOps pipeline from code updates to code builds, image builds, and application deployments.
  • Consistent Environment: Allows you to deliver code along with runtime environments based on an immutable architecture.
  • Continuous Feedback: Provides immediate feedback after each integration and delivery.


In early 2021, VinaHost Co., Ltd. became an official partner of Alibaba Cloud, providing Cloud Based Services. VinaHost joins Alibaba Cloud Partner Network in order to provide individuals, organizations and businesses with high quality services with higher scalability, resilience, efficiency and innovation.

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Container Service for Kubernetes

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