server thailandWho need dedicated server Malaysia?

Locating server in Malaysia is the best solution for those who need to run large short-term projects in Malaysia, including:

  • E-commerce businesses: E-commerce websites that deal with large volumes of traffic and require a high level of security and uptime can benefit from dedicated servers. With a server Malaysia, e-commerce businesses can ensure that their website is fast, reliable, and secure.
  • Gaming companies: Gaming companies that host multiplayer games or online gaming platforms can benefit from dedicated servers in Malaysia. Dedicated servers provide gaming companies with the ability to customize their server settings, ensure low latency, and provide a seamless gaming experience for their users.
  • Large enterprises: Large enterprises with complex IT infrastructures and large-scale applications can benefit from dedicated server Malaysia. Dedicated servers provide enterprises with the ability to manage their applications, databases, and other critical IT assets in a secure, customizable, and high-performance environment.


  • Media companies: Media companies that deal with large volumes of media files, such as videos, images, and audio files, can benefit from servers in Malaysia. With a dedicated server, media companies can ensure that their files are stored and delivered quickly and reliably, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Government agencies: Government agencies that deal with sensitive data and require high levels of security and compliance can benefit from servers Malaysia. Dedicated servers provide government agencies with a secure and customizable IT environment, ensuring that their data is protected and compliant with regulations.

Why shoud buy server Malaysia at VinaHost?

Server Malaysia at VinaHost allows you to locate your server at Tier 3 Data Center in Malaysia that ensures a high transmission speed and 24/7 technical support. We are committed to providing 99.9% Uptime | up to unlimited Data Transfer | up to 100Mbps Bandwidth that ensuring your stable performance of server.

  • High-endserver: We use IBM, Supermicro, Dell server Malaysia with 2 CPUs (Intel Octa Core E5 Series) and up to 64GB of RAM or above as your demand. The powerful, reliable and durable servers allow you to flexibly expand hardware resources depending on your need and business development.

  • Tier 3 DC: VinaHost is a strategic partner of the best ISPs that provide the largest and newest data centers in Malaysia. The Tier 3 DCs can meet all standards about redundancy, security, fire safety and power safety. At VinaHost, our servers are all located in Tier 3 Data center so that we are committed to ensure highest priority commitment – 99.99%. 
  • 99.99% uptime commitment: A good website/app/sofware not only has to have high loading speed but also need to be “Uptime”. Uptime is a computer industry concept for the time during which a computer operates. By using these free server monitoring tools as Uptime Robot, StatusCake, UpTimeDoctor,…, you can track your server better.
  • Unlimited data transfer: At VinaHost, We are committed to providing unlimited data transfer for our server/colocation services, ensuring the high speed and stable connection.

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  • Anti DDoS services: VinaHost also provides Server Malaysia solutions such as Firewall and Anti DDOS Proxy (Proxy DDoS Filter and Web DDoS Filter), Load Balance, Video streaming/Anti Video-Downloading, Database Cluster/Web Cluster, Centralized monitoring and monitoring solutions. In addition, we provide customer with free administration and full-service administration on demand.
  • More options: VinaHost provides a wide range of server options including Malaysia server rack, Cabinets, Mounts and More… Malaysia server rack is an ideal option for businesses that require a high-performance server to handle large volumes of traffic and support critical applications. On the other hand, cabinets and mounts are ideal options for businesses that require a smaller, more compact server. They provide a secure and customizable environment for the server, allowing businesses to easily manage and scale their IT infrastructure.
  • Operating system support: With the support for various operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server, you can choose the operating system that they are familiar with, and which best supports the software applications you plan to use.

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  • Professional staffs: Our IT experts can take care of software tasks, server changes and even regular data backups. Anytime you get trouble with your dedicated server Malaysia, don’t hesitate to contact us and wait for our respond within 15 minutes. Unlike many other Vietnam providers, VinaHost have the best staffs that can support fluently in English. That why after 10 years of experience in this filed, we have not only the loyal customer in Vietnam but also many customers around the world.
  • 24/7/365 tech support: We have the best experts in the fields of information system and open source that are able to solve all of customer problems and support by English in all cases. All of VinaHost information channels also have English version for international customers.
  • Monthly payment: Monthly payments provide greater flexibility, allowing customers to adjust or cancel their subscription or service as per their needs. This means that customers can switch to a different plan or service that better suits their needs, without having to worry about long-term commitments or penalties.

If you need to locate your server Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Korea or Singapore, please contact us via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email for help.

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