Locating server in Singapore is the best solution for those who need to run large short-term projects in Singapore. They may need to

  • Be large businesses with strong and stable financial budget that need to run short/short term project.
  • Need to expand the hardware continuously according to business scale and to host big multi-website with large data.
  • Meet the demand of placing server in quality data center and ensure connection speeds and timely technical support.
  • Run games, movies, media, e-commerce, ERP / CRM / e-learning sites/ apps, advertising, communication, accounting, banking and insurance.
  • Server plays an important role for organizations and businesses operating in the sharing and management of information and data. Therefore, when buying dedicated server, you should note the important technical specifications. This will ensure the performance and longevity of Singapore server.


We provide customers with IBM, HP, SupermicroDell server Singapore with Intel Deca Core E5 Series and up to 128 GB of RAM or above as your demand. Besides, we provide a wide range of server options including Singapore server rack, Cabinets, Mounts and More… on demand. You can also easily upgrade your server hardware resources depending on business expansion.

With Singapore dedicated server, your server will be located at Tier 3 Data Center in Singapore that ensure a high transmission speed and 24/7 technical support. VinaHost is committed to ensuring 99.9% Uptime | up to 10TB Data Transfer | up to 100Mbps Bandwidth. This helps your server get the most stable performance.

 We are a strategic partner of the best ISPs (Viettel IDC and VNPT) that make us have the strong and stable domestic and international transmission speed. The capacity of the international Internet gateway of two ISPs gets highest level in Vietnam with many transmission directions: US, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia…

VinaHost also provides Server Singapore solutions such as: Firewall and Anti DDOS Proxy (Proxy DDoS Filter and Web DDoS Filter), Video streaming/Anti Video-Downloading, Load Balance, Database Cluster/Web Cluster, Centralized monitoring and monitoring solutions. Moreover, we provide customer with free administration and full-service administration on demand. You don’t need any technical skill to monitor your server as all tasks are taken care of by us.
Our tech experts can handle software tasks, server changes, regular data backups and related matters. Whenever you get trouble with your Singapore dedicated server, please to contact us via [email protected] and wait for our respond within 15 minutes. Unlike many other Vietnam providers, VinaHost have the best staffs that can support fluently in English.
Thanks to our flexible monthly payment policy, you will own a high quality Singapore server service at an affordable price. This is great choice for customers that consider running short-term projects or want to experience our service in a short time. With absolutely high commitment to service quality, VinaHost is not only reputable server vendor but also a reliable companion of all customers.

If you need to locate your server in  Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Korea or Singapore, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email [email protected] for help.

For support, please feel free to contact us: