Development Process

Creating predictable and high-quality software is the goal we are aiming for. In order to provide a good software development project in a timely manner, we apply the most optimized development processes for each stage of software lifecycle.

1. Initialize

    • Analyze and make quotation
    • Discuss, negotiate with customers about project’s requirements

2. Plan

    • Determine the scope of the project, time for implementation and handover.
    • Make a detailed plan for each  stages of project.

3. Implement

    • Design, program, test, edit, report progress of project
    • Complete the project, ensure the product meets all customer’s requirements

4. Complete

    • Evaluate results of the project, gather information to improve products

5. Perform acceptance and handover

    • Distribute or deploy the final products
    • Train customers to use product

6. Support & maintain

    • Support, patch and maintain product according to the contracts

For customer support, please contact us:

    • Email:
    • Hotline: 1900 6046 ext. 1
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