Edge Node Service


Edge Node Service (ENS) provides an all-in-one edge service based on the edge nodes and networks of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ENS provides distributed and elastic computing resources that are deployed close to end users. ENS helps reduce computing costs, response latency, and the loads in the central data center. You can deploy your workloads on the edge nodes of an ISP. This helps reduce latency and computing costs.

An all-in-one service that provides elastic, stable, and widely distributed computing, network, and storage resources to help you deploy businesses on the edge nodes of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), reducing computing latency and costs.


Wide coverage Flexible billing Integration and openness Security and reliability
Node resources that are close to clients cover most regions and ISPs in China. This ensures low latency.  Edge computing resources support the pay-as-you-go method and dynamic scaling, without initial investment. Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes and DevOps APIs are integrated. An open runtime environment and computing power specifications allow batch, visualized, and automated management. Multi-tenant computing power, secure network isolation, Apsara Distributed Operating System, and excellent automated O&M capabilities ensure data security and reliability around the world

Easy accessible and multi-type edge computing capabilities

  • Edge cloud service with various types of edge instances providing standard VM, bare metal, bare machine, edge container, and heterogeneous computing resource.
  • Rich edge cloud offerings providing converged edge network service (classic network/Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Edge Load Balancing (ELB), Edge Elastic IP address (EIP), Edge NAT gateway, etc.) converged edge storage (Elastic Block Storage, Edge Object Storage (EOS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), etc.) based on your needs.
  • One-stop service orchestration and deployment providing unified provisioning and configuration for edge computing, storage and network services, and help you build global “out-of-the-box” edge infrastructure environment.



Interactive Streaming

Stable and Low-Latency Interactive Streaming Architecture

Technologies such as stream access, stream merging or forwarding, and transcoding on edge nodes can ensure the high definition and smooth playback of interactive streaming services, improve the transport network performance, and reduce the overhead of the core and backbone networks. Edge Node Service (ENS) provides the computing capabilities of CDN edge nodes to ensure the stability of interactive streaming services..

  • Global Coverage: Provides resources in all regions to improve user experience and shorten the latency caused by wide geographical distribution and unstable network quality.
  • Reduced Costs: Reduces upfront capital investment, improves business flexibility, and reduces the overall bandwidth costs.
  • Efficient O&M: Provides the comprehensive remote computing power control system, API system, and monitoring system to improve O&M efficiency significantly.



New-Generation CDN Architecture

ISPs that provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services and Internet enterprises that build their own CDNs need a large number of edge nodes worldwide to cache, schedule, and distribute content. Compared with traditional methods, ENS provides large amounts of edge computing power and helps build a new generation of CDNs based on the stability, convenience, and precise scheduling capabilities of the Apsara system.

  • Global Coverage: Allows you to purchase edge nodes worldwide with ease to reduce unnecessary communication.
  • Efficient O&M: Supports visual monitoring and batch operations based on the stability and migration capabilities of the Apsara system.
  • Precise Scheduling: Provides a precise traffic scheduling platform to help optimize scheduling.


In 2021, VinaHost Co., Ltd. became an official partner of Alibaba Cloud, providing Cloud Based Services. VinaHost joins Alibaba Cloud Partner Network in order to provide individuals, organizations and businesses with high quality services with higher scalability, resilience, efficiency and innovation.

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Edge Node Service

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