Email Filter is a specialized email solution for individuals, organizations and businesses that need to secure and protect the email system, avoid threats when using email services. Email Filter protects customers’ email systems from threats of spam, phishing, malware (virus /malicious code),…

Email Filter service is provided to customers using Email Hosting, Mail Server at VinaHost. They are  specialized email solutions for organizations and businesses that need to send/receive emails regularly, requiring high stability and reliability of the system. Email Hosting, Mail Server integrated Email Filter will prevent 99.99% of malicious emails and keep incoming emails safe.

Receive secure and reliable emails thanks to Email Filter with the following features:

  • Anti 99.9% threats of viruses and malware, filter and block 99.9% of phishing domain name and Spam Email.
  • Save Log report for 30 days, send daily notifications to administrator/user.
  • Check mail server domain’s SPF records to identify the original and phishing mail.
  • Filter spam mail, viruses, suspicious attachments, ensure IP reliability.
  • Check if mail server’s IP is in the blacklist of anti-spam organizations (Spamhaus, BARRACUDA, UCEPROTECT,…) or not.

  • Keep emails that contain malware on the Mail Gateway system.
  • Detect phishing emails by reading original emails and comparing them with received emails.
  • Analyze emails to evaluate their validity.
  • Filter sender address – Each email address sent to the system will be recorded information of sending times, IP address.
  • Allows users to manage Blacklist and Whitelist filters (including fields of IP, Hostname, Domain, Email Address).

How does Email Filter work?

Who needs Email Filter?

All individuals, organizations and businesses want to secure email system, receive emails effectively, anti–spam mail, prevent threats such as spam, phishing, viruses… should use Email Filter service.

Especially, customers who work in the fields of Finance – Banking – Import – Export… should use Email Filter to protect email system when receiving emails from their partners, customers.

With over 12 years of experience, VinaHost is confident to bring the best Email Server service to our customers. We currently offer the following email services:

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