Email Marketing Features

1. Provide 1000+ email templates & formats

VinaHost email marketing allows you to quickly create email templates with many formats that can easily change to meet the demands of private businesses and customers.
  • Provide 1000+ email templates: VinaHost provides customers with a lot of email templates that allow you to easily choose and change as your need. You can choose a built-in HTML template, VinaHost email templates or your private templates.

Email templates
  • Easy to format email template: This feature also allows you to format email with RSS function so that the emails can display flexibly in many software supporting RSS. Besides that, you can format/insert text / pictures / anchor links in emails and upload the built-in email marketing campaigns from your computer or import them from your webpage easily by WYSIWWYG editor. Advanced users can access and customize the HTML email campaigns with this editor.

Email template format
  • Provide various email formats: VinaHost email marketing supports various email formats such as image email, text email and HTML email. The HTML templates are guaranteed not to be changed their format when you send them to different email systems like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or business email… You can check the preview of email templates before sending it by web browser.

Create registration form

  • Create email lists manually: In addition to the online registration forms, you can collect customer information directly. VinaHost email marketing service allows you to create and print out the registration forms that will be placed on the reception desk of the company’s stores. Your salesman can suggest customers filling out this form to receive information about promotions. Moreover, you can also create multiple contact lists based on the origin of the customer, for example “Customers subscribed Newsletter” or “Customers bought Product”.
Add data list
  • Upload existing email list: If you have got existing email lists, you would have uploaded it into the system by form of CSV file or simple text file containing customer information such as name, age, gender, address… The information can be easily edited then you can create and add the custom fields / segments to email marketing campaigns in purpose of personalizing customer. This feature is said to be quite similar to the “Mail Merge” in the Microsoft Word.
Upload data list

2. Configure email personalization

Email personalization will allow you to send email to users with their own name. This will make the users feel like this is their own mail so that they can easily open your email.

Have you known that email personalization can increase email open rates by 650%? Email personalization not only increase email open rates significantly but also bring you a high response rates. Email open rates and response rates are also much the same as your sales and revenues.

An email with the subject “Hello Mr. John…” is surely better than “Hello customer…”, right? VinaHost email marketing service allows you to create many custom fields to store customer information with the private filters (name, age, gender, income, buying behavior …). Therefore, you just need to create an email and send it simultaneously to the custom fields you want. Additionally, you can also restrict the email recipients by certain criteria.


Custom fields

3. Do accurate statistics and reports

Thanks to the corporeality statistical tools, email marketing service allows you to do accurately and detailed statistic after each of email campaigns. This function is what you cannot get by using other online marketing tools.

VinaHost email marketing system will provide you with detailed results of each email campaign and export statistics and reports in form of text and chart by private filter. Here are the main factors in email campaigns:

  • Sent emails: the total of sent emails (not including duplicate emails and bad emails).
  • Opened email: the customer has opened your email in total of customers subscribing your email.
  • Unsubscribed email: the total of customers has unsubscribed your email.
  • Bounce email: the total of the email cannot be sent to the recipient for any reasons.
  • Opened link: the total of customers has clicked to the links in the email.

Based on these results, you can judge the effectiveness of current email marketing campaigns and optimize the next campaign by adjusting the sending time or email content. You can export this statistic as excel file to easily make more advanced options. Additionally, you can also track the number of traffic, conversion rate by Google Analytics.

Email campaign statistics

Detailed statistics

Contact list statistics

User account statistics

4. Ensure high sending speed

Successful sending rate is the most important factor of email marketing. VinaHost email marketing system ensures that your email marketing campaigns will get the highest efficiency with high sending speed and 99.9% of valid email will be sent to the recipient successfully.

High speed and suitable time of sending are the most important things that effects directly to effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. As a hosting provider with many years of experience, VinaHost is equipped with powerful multi-threaded SMTP servers that ensure email system always get 99.9% uptime. For valid emails, successful sending rate is committed up to 99.9%. VinaHost email marketing system also allows you to send multiple campaigns at the same time and the monthly number of emails will be customized as your need.

Send multiple email campaigns at the same time

Easy management via web interface

5. Set up autoresponder feature

Autoresponder is an important advanced feature allowing you to set up a series of emails that will be sent automatically with custom time / field in certain cases.

Autoresponder: Autoresponder allows you to send emails to customers automatically in certain cases. This feature is often used when customers have registered/ unsubscribed your email successfully or when they respond to your email marketing campaigns… Multipart autoresponders can be sent as HTML and Text and they will be display at the suitable format in customer’s email browser. You can set schedule of autoresponder for each different event. For example, when customers sign up for promotions, they will receive confirmation registration autoresponder after 1 hour.

Create an autoresponder feature
  • Custom autoresponder: VinaHost email marketing allows you to create multiple succession autoresponders for each of the contact list. You are also allowed to create multiple lists to send automatic email to customers. Sending time and customer fields are set up by the custom filter. For example, you can send autoresponder to customers with filters below:
    • Gender: Male.
    • Age: 20-30.
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh city.
    • Action: subscribe newsletter 2 weeks ago.
Create an autoresponder feature

6. Create online surveys

The online survey in purpose of judging the market and creating effective email marketing campaigns can now be easily conducted by VinaHost email marketing services.

You can quickly create online surveys of thousands of customers by simple drag and drop actions. Besides, you can completely customize and link the survey form to autoresponder email. The customer’s answers will be collected, analyzed and imported in Excel files so that you can do advanced actions. This feature also allows you to research in potential markets, buying behavior and consumption habits… of the customers to conduct appropriate email marketing campaigns in future.

Create a survey

View survey

7. Do Spam-Checking

Spam checking will prevent your email from detecting by spam filters and ensure that your email will be delivered to as many of your subscriber’s inboxes (and not junk mail folder) as possible.

The principle of sending email marketing indicates that an email containing too many spam keywords will be sent into the Spam mail boxes. Your email will be analyzed for known spam keywords and the spam report will show you exactly what needs to be changed to avoid being identified by spam filters.

Check spam content

Unsubscribe/Forward buttons are also automatically inserted into email to avoid disturbing the customer in the case they do not want to receive email. The emails marked as spam email will be removed from the contact list automatically to reduce the risk of being blocked or putting on backlist. The purpose of this job is to maximize the successful sending rate into inbox as much as possible.

Insert the Unsubscribe button

8. Get response email from recipient

The feature allows you to get all clients’ response emails for doing statistic, analyzing email campaign effectiveness and customer feedback.

What makes the difference of VinaHost’s Email Marketing service compared to other providers is the feature that allows senders to receive respond emails from recipients. Thanks to this feature, you will get all response email in case your client replies Email Marketing. These results will help you know client’s demand and doing more detailed statistic.

The feature is applicable for clients who use and do not use own email domain email services. You will find that it is easily to configure this feature by referring to “Part 3. Guideline to get response email from recipient” and follow the guides.

With high-quality human resources and many years of experience in fields of online marketing solutions, VinaHost will provide you with the effective, saving email marketing software and the best support service!

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