Firewall and anti-DDoS attack solutions

One of the forms of vandalism are currently preferred is denial-of-service attack method (DDOS) with many variations. It leads to overloading the transmission or misappropriation of resource that cripples the services on the server. VinaHost provides diverse firewall solutions to assist customers to definitively settle this situation.


  • Filter TCP / UDP based on packet characteristics.
  • Filter HTTP connection based on direct methods attacks on web services.
  • Filter connections on other protocols.
  • Block / remove from multiple IP connections.

Hardware selection

  • Using servers that can filter access configured by VinaHost
  • Strong server configuration equivalent of a firewall hardware device medium level.
  • Suitable for customers with a single attack in a short time.

Use dedicated hardware firewall

  • Includes many specialized hardware depending on the actual needs of customers.
  • Very good Load capacity.
  • Suitable for customers under attack across the server cluster and extend.

Technical Support

The VinaHost technical team is always available 24/7 to ensure that customers are supported to handle configuration of network and web services to optimize the anti-attack mode respectively.


Please contact the Sales Team for the best advices.

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