Notes for the rule of domain name registration

Please refer to the following notes when registering domain names at VinaHost:

1. For individual

– Select the “Individual” field to enter information.
– Enter the full and exact name of the registrant corresponding to the full name in the ID card/Passport.
– Enter ID/Passport number.
– Enter the correct month of birth according to the format on the ID card/Passport.
– Enter full and correct address: Include house/street, ward/commune, district, Province/City, Country.
(*) The address field consists of 5 levels. If you do not provide enough information, the domain name will not be registered.
– Enter phone number and email.

2. For Organization/Company

– Select the “Organization” field to enter information.

– Enter the tax code. Select the “Get information” button to automatically load the data to fill in the fields of Organization Name/Representative Name/Address (only applicable to organizations/enterprises in Vietnam).
– Fill in other information including:
  • Organization/Enterprise Name: Enter the Organization/Enterprise name as shown on the Business Registration License.
  • Representative name: Enter the name of the representative as shown on the Business Registration License.

– Enter the representative’s information: CCCD/Passport number, Date of birth, Gender, Address, Phone, Email.

– Enter the necessary information: Address, email of the organization, information of the representative of the organization according to the registration form.

(*) In case the information you provide is invalid or does not match the confirmation documents (ID card/Passport for individuals or Business license for organizations), the domain name will be temporarily locked/revoked without a refund.

You must submit the “Domain Name Registration Declaration” to VinaHost and provide all information related to the domain name in accordance with the regulations of VNNIC Vietnam.

You need to submit the declaration as soon as the domain name is successfully activated (online/in person/delivery). If the domain name has not been updated records, it will not work to configure DNS/NS.

Please refer to the regulations related to the registration and ownership of domain names below:

Guide To Update Domain Registration Form And Digital Signature

Terms & Conditions For .VN Domain

Terms & Conditions For GTLDS

Domain Name Management Responsibilities

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