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1. What is Pro Hosting NVMe?

Premium NVMe Hosting at VinaHost utilizes robust hardware resources, employing NVMe drives entirely to enhance processing speed for MySQL & Webserver, simultaneously reducing latency compared to SSDs.

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technology is a new data transfer protocol designed specifically for Solid State Drives (SSDs). NVMe utilizes PCIe (PCI Express) connectivity to directly link with the computer’s CPU, instead of connecting through a SATA controller like traditional SSDs. This allows NVMe to achieve significantly faster data transfer speeds than SATA.

NVMe technology has become the standard for high-performance storage solutions, especially in applications where speed and responsiveness are critical, such as gaming, content creation, and data center environments.

  • High Speeds: NVMe significantly improves data transfer speeds between the storage device and the computer. It leverages the parallelism of modern SSDs, allowing for much faster read and write operations compared to older storage interfaces.
  • Low Latency: NVMe reduces data access latency, providing quicker response times for data requests. This is crucial for improving overall system responsiveness, especially in tasks that involve frequent and small data transfers.
  • Parallelism: NVMe supports parallel data paths, enabling multiple data transfer operations to occur simultaneously. This parallelism is well-suited for the inherent capabilities of SSDs, enhancing their performance.
  • Scalability: NVMe is designed to scale with evolving storage technologies. As storage devices continue to advance, NVMe allows for better utilization of their capabilities.
  • Efficiency: NVMe is designed to be more efficient in terms of both power consumption and CPU utilization. It minimizes the overhead associated with data transfer operations.

Pro Hosting

  • Direct Communication: NVMe enables direct communication between the storage device and the CPU, bypassing legacy storage protocols. This streamlined communication path contributes to faster data access and reduced latency.

NVMe is widely applied in personal computers, servers, data centers, etc. The technology is an advanced solution that significantly improves the performance of storage systems and is becoming a new standard for SSDs.

VinaHost provides Premium Hosting at a very reasonable price, suitable for customers needing to host medium to large websites, running PHP sources such as WordPress, Joomla, NukeViet, Drupal…

2. Who should use Pro Hosting NVMe services?

Premium hosting services utilizing NVMe drives are typically suitable for organizations and individuals with specific needs for performance and service quality, such as:

  • Large enterprises and high-traffic websites: Businesses with websites experiencing high traffic and requiring fast response times often opt for premium hosting services with NVMe drives to ensure high performance.
  • Applications requiring high processing speed: Applications demanding quick data processing, such as large databases, data analysis software, and multimedia applications, benefit from the read/write speed of NVMe drives.
  • Brands and websites requiring high credibility: Websites demanding high reliability and credibility often choose premium hosting services to ensure continuous and stable operation.
  • Users demanding high-level security and backup: Businesses concerned with security and advanced data backup procedures often choose premium hosting services with advanced security policies and backup processes.
  • Rapid development and expansion: Businesses or projects planning rapid expansion can take advantage of the flexibility and easy scalability offered by premium hosting services.

Pro Hosting

3. What are the main features of Pro Hosting?

  • NVMe Drives: Utilizing NVMe drives significantly improves data transfer speed and I/O compared to SSDs, providing a fast and smooth data reading/writing experience.
  • High-Resource RAM, CPU (Platinum), MySQL CPU: Offering high RAM and CPU resources, especially Platinum CPU and high MySQL CPU, supporting multitasking performance and handling complex database processing.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server & Lscache: Using LiteSpeed Web Server and Lscache accelerates the website speed by +6 times, delivering a fast and smooth user experience.
  • Tier 3 Data Center Placement: Placing servers in a reputable Tier 3 Data Center (Viettel, VNPT, CMC, etc.) ensures stable performance and safety for servers, reducing the risk of service disruptions.
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment: A 99.9% Uptime commitment ensures that the website operates stably and continuously, enhancing customer experience.
  • Regular Backup 4 Times/Day: Regular data backups are crucial for protecting website data from incidents like power loss, hard drive failures, etc. VinaHost’s Premium Hosting service provides data backup 6 times/day, stored for 1 week, ensuring the safety of website data.
  • CloudLinux against Local Attacks: Using CloudLinux helps defend against various local attacks in a shared hosting environment.
  • Free SSH: Providing free SSH enhances security and remote management capabilities.
  • Free AutoSSL: Free AutoSSL support ensures that websites are encrypted and secure with HTTPS connections.
  • IPv6 Support: IPv6 support ensures compatibility with new network standards and expands IP addresses.

Pro Hosting

  • Support for Multiple Languages and Frameworks: Support for various PHP versions, Python, NodeJS, Java, Redis provides users with flexibility in deploying applications and websites.
  • Free Themes & Plugins for WordPress: VinaHost offers free Themes & Plugins for WordPress to Premium Hosting customers, facilitating the creation of beautiful and professional WordPress websites.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: 24/7 technical support with a maximum response time of 15 minutes swiftly resolves customer issues.
  • Easy Management with cPanel: The user-friendly cPanel interface helps administrators and users efficiently utilize features. cPanel organizes functions into logical modules such as Email, File Manager, Databases, Domains, making system management easy.
  • Unlimited Subdomain Creation: Users have the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of subdomains, providing flexibility in expanding and managing various parts of the website.
  • Unlimited MySQL Quantity: Allows the creation and management of an unlimited number of MySQL databases, enabling users to build and manage complex web applications.
  • Unlimited Inodes Limit: Unlimited Inodes (number of files and directories) typically means users can store a large number of files and directories without restrictions.

4. Register free trial

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