VPS Limited-Management

To provide support services with reasonable cost for customers wishing to be supported about virtual server management at the simple level, continue to support policy for rent virtual servers service packs using old technology (Proxmox / KVM) and more choice for customers using new virtualization technologies (Cloud), VinaHost provide managed services are limited to the following details:

  • Directly perform management operations package in client accounts center.
  • Check the stable level of activity and assess optimal services configured consulting on the virtual server.
  • Check to process errors related to the performance of the virtual server.
  • Configurate basic settings services that necessary for the operation of virtual servers.

Free service

If customers want to transfer all rights management and administrative responsibilities for VinaHost or need support to handle more complex incidents, please consider service [package management] or [handled according incidents]

Special cases

To fit the technology development orientation of the company and comply with the provisions of the current state, VinaHost will resfuse to support:
  • configurate, install software, check the troubleshooting on Windows operating systems.
  • guide, edit, develop or perform other actions related to the source and content of customer sites.
  • perform support tasks related tp violate intellectual property rights or other legal regulations.
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