Did you know that the foundation of your SEO process actually starts with your hosting Vietnam company and which of their plans you pick?

  • Accessibility: Sites that are consistently down tend to be penalized in the spectrum of SEO if it isn’t looked into and fixed as soon as possible. This’s why it’s crucial that you use a prominent and reliable hosting that has well maintained servers and 24/7 technical support. No site is perfect, and there’re definitely going to be periods of time where your site indeed down, so having a reliable SEO web hosting Vietnam company that is able to fix your problems at any time of the day is essential.

  • Location: Search engines assess the location of sites when deciding where to place it in search rankings. If you’re based in Vietnam and are making a search, search engines will normally display Vietnamese based sites higher up in your search results. Search engines determine your location based upon a number of indicators, one of which is your site’s IP address. That same IP address is assigned to your site based off the location of the server that it is being hosted on. Therefore, if your business is based in Vietnam and your target market is the Vietnamese population, hosting your site with a company that has servers in Vietnam should result in higher search rankings for your site when Vietnamese search for your targeted keywords.

  • Speed: High speed is one of the priorities when choosing a server hosting Vietnam. It is a known fact that quick and responsive sites are favorited by Google and other search engines. Long load times on a site are a surefire way to turn visitor off and negatively affect their user experience.

  • SEO hosting cheap at VinaHost uses cPanel and CloudLinux technology to avoid local attack. If you use usual hosting to build a satellite site system, these sites have the same IP address. Search engines like Google will remove such duplicate IP addresses because of low reliability.

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With best SEO hosting, you can assign different IP addresses to a SEO hosting account. You also can run multiple websites on your hosting and each site has its own IP. This will optimize and enhance the website ranks with the search engines. If you want to register trial SEO hosting packages, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email

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