Server Solutions

VinaHost provides customer with server solution as demands.

1. Video streaming solution

Allowing people to access online movies on web interface with functionality
  • Buffer / cache to minimize disruptions during streaming.
  • Limit the number of simultaneous connections to the video link.
  • Supports streaming of popular formats and codecs.

This solution is deployed on open source technologies (nginx, ligghttpd) and charging (Wowza) depending on customer needs.

2. Anti-download solution

Prevent video from being illegally downloaded, prevent video link from being stolen, minimize streaming interruption, protect server resources and website’s license and revenue.

3. Cluster database solution

To satisfy the needs of the website / application, requires avoiding overloaded servers wherever possible. The solution includes multiple servers together in order to improve performance, balance load, ensuring redundancy and high scalability. Depending on the characteristics of the application and extent of database queries the system can use two technologies.
  • Replication: includes minimum 1 acting master server and one or more other server role master / slave, store and query data across multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Cluster: comprises at least 4 servers with scalability and better application support replication model.

This solution is deployed to support MySQL or database structure similar open source code.

4. Web cluster solution

This solution consists of a minimum of 3 servers to support the service activities for each website content. This will result in increased load capacity, prevent redundancy, high availability and scalability to support the growing number of visitors. The technology used includes Load Balancing, Caching, Storage and Systems NSF Web services Apache / Nginx / MySQL.

5. Caching web solution

Using Nginx reverse proxy in conjunction with Apache, this solution is designed for web applications with large numbers of visitors.
  • Accelerated website access.
  • Minimizing resource use of the system.

6. Monitoring and surveillance concentration solution

Systems for tracking and monitoring is built on the platform technology called Zabbix
  • Subscribe to the operation of the services and equipment in the network infrastructure and servers.
  • Show results tracking on the web interface, real-time updates and store detailed statistical results.
  • Automatically send alerts incident.

This solution is suited for customers who need to manage multiple server systems and is being implemented for free (with limited functionality). For all service packages, set your own server space at VinaHost.

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