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VinaHost is a supplier of  Cheap, Prestige Supermicro servers,  committed to genuine quality, completely new, with original accessories. Call hotline  1900 6046 or email  [email protected]  for the best price.

1. Overview of Supermicro . server server

Supermicro  is a server hardware company, providing a variety of devices such as: servers, motherboards, blade servers, chassis (server or PC cases), heatsinks )… Supermicro focuses on server/workstation computing applications.

Officially present in Vietnam since 2008, Supermicro has been affirming its position as one of the leading server brands. In Vietnam, Supermicro holds 7% market share for desktop boards and 25% for servers. The  Supermicro server series  has a variety of quality from mid to high-end to meet the needs of both small and medium-sized customers, medium to large customers such as: standard rack-mount servers such as 1U, 2U, 3U , 4U, tower server…

SuperBlade (mounting from 10, 14 server modules and up to 20 server modules in a 7U rack) and MicroCloud (mounting up to 8 server modules in a 3U rack) are two outstanding server lines of Supermicro.

Supermicro has the advantage of price and flexibility. Businesses who want to save costs should choose Supermicro server to experience the product at a low price but still ensure performance (the efficiency of Supermicro’s power supply reaches 90%, while other similar products do. only 80%).

Many server companies focus on certain customers with products designed by default for customers to buy packages. On the other hand, Supermicro allows customers to design more of what suits their needs on the platform Supermicro has designed.

2. Some popular Supermicro server lines

  • Supermicro Server 813MFTQC-R407CB / X11SCM-F
  • Supermicro Server 825TQC-R740LPB / X11DPL-I
  • Supermicro Server 813MF2TQC-505CB / X11DPL-I
  • Supermicro USA Server 1U CSE-811T-260B E3-1230 V3

3. Advantages of Supermicro server

  • Cheap, considered one of the lowest cost brands. Supermicro also aims to reduce costs with low prices, high performance and low power consumption.
  • Flexibility and openness are key elements of its products. Enterprises flexibly configure options, easily upgrade and expand according to needs and scale. With the open platform of Supermicro servers, businesses only need to invest in some parts in advance, then design and upgrade gradually depending on their needs.
  • Easy to replace components. Server Supermicro compatible with most components of other brands such as Intel, Samsung, Seagate, ASUS,… Businesses will spend less money than IBM/Dell servers,…
  • Product quality is good, stable, can work in harsh environments, especially Supermicro’s server has high heat resistance.
    Many diverse lines, applying modern and advanced technologies. Supermicro products are created by their own design and engineering team. Supermicro also aims to design servers that are environmentally friendly, reduce usage, and create a better living space.

4. Limitations of Supermicro server

  • Brand value is still inferior to big competitors such as DELL, HP, etc.
  • Some Supermicro vendors only offer limited support, while other major server brands often come with  Premium Support  services that are not always offered by Supermicro.
  • Limited access to big brand software.
  • Prices can be more expensive for standard low-end servers.
  • Flexibility is both a strength and a limitation for Supermicro. While other vendors sell server packages complete with memory drives, processors, and more, Supermicro only sells company-manufactured parts – motherboards and chassis. The selection of parts and the assembly of the system can make the customer uncomfortable.

5. VinaHost – Prestigious – Professional Server Supermicro Provider

VinaHost is a professional distributor of  supermicro servers . We are committed to providing Supermicro server with genuine quality, completely new, with original accessories. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of providing Dedicated server – Colocation – Hosting and having built a certain reputation in the industry, VinaHost believes that you will be satisfied.


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  • Hotline: 1900 6046
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