1. What is VPN?

Client-to-Site VPN: is a VPN model that allows a user to connect to a remote private network through a VPN server. To use VPN client to site, users need to install VPN client software to connect to VPN server (usually OpenVPN). The user starts the VPN client, uses the User name/Password to authenticate with the VPN server, thereby initiating an encrypted VPN transmission from his computer to the remote private network. This VPN line will do the job of transmitting data privately and safely. Popular applications:

  • Access to remote private networks
  • Safer and more secure internet access through the use of a private network
  • Browse the web anonymously by hiding the real Public IP address of your personal computer on the internet
  • Accessing websites blocked by geo-restrictions
  • Download files faster

Site-to-Site VPN: is a form of connecting many offices and headquarters away from each other through specialized equipment and a large-scale encrypted transmission line operating on the Internet. Site-to-Site VPN is the right solution for customers who need to connect networks together to communicate and share data, ensuring safety and security. This solution helps to expand the enterprise network, allowing sharing and sharing of resources between multiple offices through a safe and secure private transmission line.

Popular applications:

  • Connection between offices, headquarters of companies and organizations to share resource data
  • Decentralize access to control privacy during data transmission
  • Set up a VPN connection between DCs
  • Set up a VPN connection connecting datacenter with VPC on Cloud

2. Introduction to VinaHost Site-to-Site VPN service 

  • Provide VPN service for business customers who need to connect VPN from office network to  physical server/Private Cloud cluster
  • Providing Site-to-Site VPN service for customers who need to connect Private Cloud cluster to VPC of other cloud providers such as: Google Cloud, AWS, Alibaba Cloud

  • Intranet-based: if the company has offices far apart and wants to reconnect into a single private network, it can create an intranet VPN and Lan-to-Lan connection.

  • Extranet-based: when the company has a close relationship with another company (eg a partner, supplier or customer).

3. Why you need Site-to-Site VPN solution

This solution is suitable for customers who need to connect 2 or more private networks together to communicate and share data, ensuring safety and security.

  • Networks communicate with each other using Local IP through VPN
  • Connections between networks are encrypted
  • Simple for firewall management and system administration

site-to-site VPN

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