Terms of Email Marketing Service

Thank you for choosing to use the service at VinaHost. When using the services provided by VinaHost, customers need to comply with VinaHost terms of services. In addition, when using VinaHost’s Email marketing service, you need to comply with the following regulations:

Anti-Spam Policy

Emails sent using VinaHost’s service must ensure the following:

  • Each message sent using the service must have a link so that the recipient has the right to “unsubscribe” if he does not want to receive any more emails from the customer.
  • Customer agrees that any email message sent by Customer will not contain any deceptive or misleading content regarding the overall matter of the email message.
  • Customer agrees that the sending and returning addresses are legitimate.
  • The customer agrees that the content submitted by the customer does not violate the laws of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Don’t use generic non-specific email addresses, eg sales@domain.com

VinaHost provides customers with a tool to check the SPAM content of an email before sending it. When sending a campaign VinaHost requires that the customer’s email content always has a SPAM score less than 2. Emails with a SPAM score greater than 2 will be retained by the system and cannot be sent out.

Mailing List

VinaHost requires the list of customers to have a high reputation (over 95% valid addresses). To ensure the list is highly reputable, customers are not allowed to use the list of unknown sources and searched on the internet. Vinahost checks the validity of the email addresses and enters the customer’s email list into the system before the customer sends it.

Lock account

VinaHost will lock the account if the customer violates one of the following cases:

  • Email error rate > 5%
  • Email spam rate >1%
  • Violation of anti-spam policy

Reopen the account

To reopen the customer account, please contact VinaHost support via email support@vinahost.vn, time to check and reopen the service within 24 hours.

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