Terms of Hosting Service

In order to protect the legitimate interests of users, ensure service quality, integrity and stability of the server infrastructure, you need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Hosting service.

1. Unapproved uses

  • Use Hosting as a backup or simply storage, share bandwidth/traffic for another website.
  • Constantly creating and deleting a large number of files affects the storage system on the server.
  • Dedivide hosting into many packages to resell, rent or provide it for free.
  • Websites constantly send/receive a large number of requests, congesting the network, affecting the performance of the server.
  • Upload malicious code to execute attacks, mine virtual currency, spam mail or other actions that affect the server’s IP.
  • Use hosting to create spam emails, email registration to social network accounts, other websites affect the reliability of the server IP.
  • Upload and install source code, spam/hacking tools and other tools that affect server performance.

2. Regulations on data transfer

VinaHost supports in transferring website’s data from other providers/hosting to VinaHost hosting service according to following conditions:

  • We transfer website data from a third party to the Hosting server for free once only after you successfully register and start using the Hosting service. We only transfer data according to customer requirements and provide it as free service for the first website.
  • If you need to transfer data of one (or more) website(s) to VinaHost server, you need to sign up for an hourly support solution or website data transfer service.
  • You have to provide the download link of the compressed backup of files, folders and databases, etc. When you provide the data download link to VinaHost, it means that you have allowed VinaHost to transfer the data. VinaHost is not responsible for any problems related to information leakage, errors caused by missing data after migration.
  • To ensure data safety, we recommend that you need to back up your data stored by a third party and provide a download link of the fully compressed backup file, directories and databases, etc. to us before transferring data.
  • You agree that we do not guarantee the availability, operability and time required to complete the transfer of website data from another provider (or from another host) to VinaHost. Each hosting provider has its own structure/hosting service platform that stores data in incompatible or proprietary formats, etc., which makes it impossible for us to transfer website data from third-party servers to VinaHost.
  • You must agree that we have the right to refuse to transfer data or to suspend the operation of the website after the data transfer if we find that the website violates the terms of use, contains Malware/Virus infected or violates policies copyright,… We will immediately notify you about that via email, call, SMS… if any.
  • You agree that we are not liable for any delay in website solutions related to data transfer as the time required for data transfer depends on many factors such as: transmission lines, data capacity, server performance…
  • VinaHost will not be responsible for the loss, leakage of information, damage or loss of data during data transfer.
  • You agree not to make any changes or updates to the website during the data transfer.
  • We do not guarantee 100% of the configuration of your website after data transfer because we do not know the structure of the source code and cannot interfere with the source code. Therefore, we will assist you as a hosting provider. You need to coordinate with website technical staff to complete this.
  • You are responsible for monitoring the data transfer process, checking the results and verifying the data integrity of the website. We are not responsible for the data or the integrity of the Website data.
  • You need to point the domain name to the new IP address as soon as the data transfer is complete. We do not provide free data transfer service many times for the reason that the domain name is not pointed, leading to updating data at the old provider or host.

3. Limited parameters on Hosting service

You can use 100% of the resources provided by VinaHost depending on the Hosting package you have registered. If you exceed this resource level, it is likely that your website will be slow, lose connection, receive errors 500, 503, 508, … or be suspended to avoid occupying resources, affecting server performance. You agree that we will immediately suspend any unusual website activity that affects data security and system operation in order to avoid resource use and server performance impact.

We will notify immediately after detecting these abnormalities for you to check and handle / or our experts will provide solutions for you. If the problem is not completely resolved within 24 hours (after we send the notice) or the problem recurs affecting the server’s performance, we may unilaterally terminate the service. (non-refundable) subject to our server impact.

3.1. When using the Hosting service, you must understand and agree to the following limitations

  • Databases must not exceed 1,000 tables and do not exceed 1 Gigabyte of storage per Database (including Logs). The process of executing the command, query to the Database must not be longer than 15 seconds. This policy applies to all Hosting packages.
  • Email service with Hosting (if any) all have a limit of sending 100 Emails/day for whole domain(s).
  • The storage of Email service with cloud Hosting does not exceed 800 MB.
  • You are not allowed to store files exceeding 100 Megabytes (not applicable to the used database). This policy applies to all Hosting at VinaHost. The files you store on the server must be used for the operation of the website. You are not allowed to use hosting to store personal data or compressed copies.

***Note: Hosting accounts that exceed these limits may be warned for violation of the terms of service and will be required to reduce the number of inodes, files, folders, tables, and base space. database, etc. according to the service usage policy. We may suspend or terminate the service (without refund) depending on the impact to our servers.

3.2. Regulations on hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth

You understand and agree that Unlimited Bandwidth means that we do not limit the amount of data transfer in/out the server through your website. We do not limit bandwidth on unlimited bandwidth hosting packages to facilitate the legitimate use of users and respond well to websites that do not take up too many resources affecting the user’s performance. server performance.

We do not limit the amount of bandwidth used but will limit other resources (such as CPU, RAM, Entry Process, IO, Inodes…). If you have higher resource usage needs, you should use VPS/Cloud Server to increase efficiency.
You understand and agree that all usage agreement violations (including but not limited to), are unrelated to your use of Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting packages.

3.3. Regulations on Email with Web Hosting

  • You understand and agree that Email service on Hosting is an accompanying service to create a comprehensive support tool for Website operation on Hosting environment. Email service is used to send and receive mail or set up SMTP ports for Website, not for sending/receiving professional Email.
  • You understand and agree that we do not guarantee the reliability of this Email service when sending emails directly from the Web Hosting server. However, we will provide you withi solutions to increase email credibility within domain name limits (DKIM ,SPF, DMARC).
  • If you configure the Website to use External SMTP to other SMTP servers, VinaHost will not be responsible for assisting in checking the operation of these External SMTP servers.
  • Please refer to this link for see the limit of Hosting service packages at VinaHost.

4We do not support the following cases (including but not limited to):

  • Not testing or fixing the responsive design of the website
  • Do not troubleshoot problems related to networks, applications or third-party services (not services provided by VinaHost).
  • Do not fix errors caused by customers’ computers, mobile devices or web browsers, etc.
  • You are not allowed to store files more than 100MB (not applicable for Databases in use) on all Hosting services at VinaHost. Files stored on the server must be used for the operation of the website. You are not allowed to use this space to store personal data or compressed copies.
  • Do not edit, customize or optimize the source code, website images.
  • Do not interfere, adjust the data stored in the Database.
  • Do not fix errors related to website source code.
  • Do not install and configure SEO for the website.
  • Do not (ensure to) repair damaged files caused by Virus/Malware.
  • Do not fix the problem that slows down the website related to source code, images, JS, CSS, ….
  • Does not fix problems related to network attacks that slow down the website that are caused by security vulnerabilities in the website.
  • Do not recover website administrator’s password.
  • VinaHost does not directly provide Hosting admin password. You can log in to https://secure.vinahost.vn/ac/clientarea.php to retrieve your password or log in directly to the Hosting Control Panel without admin account information.
  • Do not install new or upgrade software on the server system just to meet the needs of a few websites.
  • Do not perform or assist customers to perform operations at the root or Administrator level on the server.
  • Do not back up or provide backup files. Customers can manually back up data periodically through Control Panel.
  • We block the execution of some PHP functions for security reasons (distribution of malicious code, local attack, botnet, dos, …). These are functions with a very high level of danger. Specifically, the following PHP functions are not supported on the Hosting system at VinaHost: system, exec, shell_exec, pcntl_exec, proc_close, proc_get_status, proc_nice, popen, proc_terminate, escapeshellcmd, escapeshellarg, dl, show_source,ini_alter , virtual, openlog, mail, symlink


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