Cloud VPS in Cambodia is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each server is a completely separate system with its own operating system. So user can control the root management and restart system anytime. This protects VPS nearly 100% from local hacked attack. In case one VPS account is attacked, the others are not affected. This is impossible if you use shared hosting services.

  • We run KVM technology – no more sharing memory and CPU resources with neighbours. We guarantee exclusive access to your resources.

  • All servers have access high domestic peering with all Cambodian ISPs. Reach your local audience faster and quicker than ever.
  • Our data center is Tier 3, which means it is one of the most secure and reliable places to store important company data.

  • Each of our host nodes runs atest-generation Intel Xeon SkyLake CPUs.
  • Each of our host nodes are configured with large amounts of hard drives in the ultra-fast and secure RAID 10 configuration.

  • We take availability seriously and guarantee a 99.99% uptime rate for all servers.
  • You need CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows or FreeBSD? We have plenty of operating system options to choose from.
  • Our network is protected by hardware DDoS protection. Should an attack occur, it is suppressed within seconds.
  • Renting a VPS saves you a lot of money instead of renting a private server

Cheap VPS Cambodia is popular to web development companies, web design companies and business companies. There four main customer groups of VPS services:

VPS Cambodia

  • Web designers (multi-site hosting, sand box, hosting client’s websites).
  • Web developers (development platform, sand box, bespoke scripts & software).
  • Advanced webmasters (large websites, dynamic functionality, multi-site hosting, bespoke scripts & software, database server & email server).
  • Businesses (high resource website, ecommerce, media streaming, database & email server, data storage).

Using Cloud Cambodia VPS is not simple because it is not only higher version of shared hosting but also a private rental server, you need necessary management skills. So it is said that VPS is a good solution for technological and experienced customers. If you do not have technical skill, don’t worry because we provide customer with free administration, unlimited administration and full-service administration on demand.

 Cloud VPS Cambodia

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