Support According Incidents

To ensure that customers receive the most enthusiastic support in all situations, VinaHost provide technical assistance services in accordance incidents (per issue) for customers who do not use managed services package. Customers interested please contact directly with the technical Team via the ticket system to get an accurate assessment consultation on plans and troubleshooting time.

The request for assistances are priority at the highest level:

  • The technical team consists of many different strengths will work together 24/7 to definitively settle the customer’s requirements.
  • Support to solve all the problems related to security or interceding to the source code is not included in the list of free unlimited support.
  • All manipulations are presented in detail, accuracy time measurement and summarized in ticket handed to the customer.
  • Guarantee final resolution on the request of the customer before payment requests.
  • Apply to all customers who are using the services of VinaHost or service of another provider.

Please note that VinaHost will refuse to perform support tasks related to Intellectual property infringement or breach of the current regulations in Vietnam.


Service cost is calculated starting at $5 / hour, adjusted agreement on the extent of the complexity of the request and agreed with the customer before implementation.

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