Terms Of VPS, Cloud Server Service

These VPS/CloudServer Terms of Service are a legal agreement between VinaHost Co., Ltd and its Customers when using VPS/CloudServer services.

VinaHost may change or discontinue any of the Terms of Service from time to time. VinaHost will notify Customer thereof no later than 10 working days unless a valid emergency situation exists 

When using VPS/CloudServer services at VinaHost, Customers shall comply with all the terms and conditions of this following Agreement.

1. Software Installation Policy

1.1. We support software installation on your VPS/CloudServer at VinaHost according these guidelines:

  • The operating system and the softwares are listed in the list of supported software installation in the service description in each service introduction page.
  • For copyrighted control panels such as cPanel, Plesk: Customer must provide the License Key, or VinaHost will provide the License Key and charge according to the price list. Our technicians will activate immediately upon initial installation on the server.
  • We only install the software on the server at VinaHost.

1.2. We only provide Email Server software built into the control panel (Control Panel): cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, VestaCP.

1.3. VinaHost provides VPS/CloudServer server service mainly for website operation, not for email usage. Although Email Server software can work on your server, it is definitely not optimized in terms of features and will have many limitations on Send/Receive traffic, as well as can not guarantee Email transactions are always smooth. If there is a need to use Email, customers can register to use Email Hosting or Email Server service.

1.4. VinaHost can only install and support technical problems if the customer buys a License Key and installs the software on the server at VinaHost. VinaHost cannot interfere if the customer places the server elsewhere.

1.5. VinaHost supports first time setup and installation of Operating System and Free Software. After handing over the VPS/CloudServer server to the customer, VinaHost will charge an additional fee if customers request to reinstall the Operating System and Software (Reload OS).

Note: Plesk/cPanel license key can take 24-72 hours to be activated. 

2. Data Transfer Policy

2.1. VinaHost supports data transfer on the website to VPS/CloudServer if the customer provides full access information from the old service, and the services on both sides are compatible.

2.2. VinaHost only supports backing up and storing data during data transfers for websites hosted at Vinahost. For customers who are using third-party services, we recommend that you backup all data and provide us with the link to download the compressed backup before data transfer proceeding.

2.3. VinaHost only accepts to transfer data in the condition that the transferred capacity does not exceed 80% of the total usage of the entire server. VinaHost may refuse a customer’s request to transfer data in case the new server capacity is not enough for storage and system operation.

2.4. VinaHost will not be responsible for any delays with the website solution related to data conversion. VinaHost cannot guarantee the time of data transfer because this process depends on factors such as transmission line, data size, server performance, …

2.5. VinaHost is not responsible for any data loss or information leakage that occurs during data transfer.

2.6. Customers are not allowed to make any changes or updates to the website during the process of data transfer by VinaHost.

2.7. VinaHost does not guarantee 100% of website configuration for customers after transferring data, because we cannot deeply intervene in the source code to understand the structure of the website source code, and we are not specialized in programming. VinaHost will try to support customers in its ability. Customers need to coordinate with VinaHost’s website technical staff to finish the process in time.


  • VinaHost only supports transfer data from another provider or from another storage to VPS/CloudServer at VinaHost provided that the customer provides the link (download link) of the fully compressed backup copy with all dates and databases, … When the customer provides the link to download data for VinaHost technicians, it means that the customer has agreed to allow VinaHost technicians to access the data and VinaHost is completely not responsible for any problems related to information leakage, errors caused by missing data after data transferred.
  • In case customers can upgrade, switch VPS/CloudServer packages or reload OS by themselves, VinaHost can maintain the old server running for up to 3 days so that customers can arrange the process themselves.

3. Exclusion

3.1. VinaHost does not provide the installation of operating systems and software that are not on VinaHost’s list of supported programs.

3.2. VinaHost will not use SSH/ Remote Desktop to connect customer’s VPS/CloudServer without customer’s permission in order to protect the privacy and data security of the customer.

3.3. VinaHost cannot transfer data to the VPS/CloudServer server without the permission of the customer, because we cannot interfere inside the server.

3.4. VinaHost cannot intervene to fix errors related to website source code that need deep programming expertise (errors are not caused by the server).

3.5. VinaHost cannot intervene and fix errors due to user impact (or malware/viruses) that damage or slow down the VPS/CloudServer system.

3.6. VinaHost does not intervene and fix errors arising because the server’s resources are overloaded which cannot meet the usage of the websites and applications using on the server. In this case, we will recommend the customers to upgrade their resources or upgrade to a higher package.

3.7. VinaHost does not provide any requirement of researching, integrating a solution that is not fully supported or beyond the experience of VinaHost technical department.

3.8. VinaHost does not provide a package downgrade, but a package upgrade. Therefore, if customers need to use a lower service package, they must follow the process of canceling the old package and registering a new package that is suitable for them. VinaHost will support reinstalling a new server with a completely new allocated IP address and hand over the server to you. Customers have to transfer data by themselves within 3 days from the time the new server is handed over. After 3 days, VinaHost will withdraw the old server and will not be responsible for the data. Customers can contact VinaHost Customer Service for more details about Service Downgrade policy.

3.9. VinaHost does not guarantee 100% of sending and receiving Email on VPS/CloudServer. VinaHost recommends that customers use Email Hosting service to be dedicated to email service.

3.10. VinaHost does not provide individual backups for each website data in the server. Customers can backup their website data periodically through Control Panel, from FTP/SFTP connection programs or from Cloud Backup service at VinaHost.

3.11. VinaHost does not support backup in specific time, backups will be backed up by date and sequentially on the system.

3.12. VinaHost does not support temporarily lifting or reducing server capacity.

3.13. For CheapSSD service packages that do not have backup features available, customers must take full responsibility for the data on VPS, or register for a paid backup add-on (1 backup/1 week, keep 3 backups in the last 3 weeks).

3.14. VinaHost does not intervene and handle any form of violation of VinaHost’s service use agreement.


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