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1. What is an IP address (Internet Protocol address)?

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IP address is the anchors of the internet. It is impossible to get online without an IP address.

IP address identifies and differentiate the online devices, including computers, mobiles, servers… and help them communicate with one another.

Other devices connected to the internet like printers, smart speakers, refrigerators, home surveillance systems… also have IP addresses.

Internet devices need a digital address to send and receive data. IP address ensures that data transmission goes to the right location.

There are 2 versions of IP addresses that are commonly used on the internet: IPv4 and IPv6.

  • An IPv4 address is expressed as a set of four dotted decimal numbers, where each octet is separated by a period like
    An IPv6 address represents eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons like 2060:cc:6000:1c82:524c:cc4e:f2fa:9a5b.

2. What are the benefits of using several IP addresses on a server?

A device can have more than one IP address at a time.

Determining if the use of multiple IPs is right for you greatly depends on your particular needs and current situation.

If your current deliverability reputation is causing your messages to be throttled, it may make sense to utilize two to three different IP addresses to allow for your messages to be delivered in a timely matter. It is a temporary solution for those with a fair-to-good reputation in the process of improving to a great reputation. It is not a substitute for fixing the issues causing the less-than-great reputation.

Beside, there are some benefits of using several IP addresses:

  • Because you may be consolidating services from multiple hosts and you need to preserve the addresses
  • In order to use an IP address that can later be transferred to another host or to compensate for a host that’s down at that moment by adding its IP address to another one
  • If you have multiple IP networks on the same physical/logical network/vlan it will prevent traffic from being exchanged via the gateway, speeding things up and reducing the load

3. Buy US IP Address – Why choose us?

US IP Address

Benefits of Buying US IP Address at VinaHost:

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