VinaHost Web DDoS Filter is an anti-DDoS attack service using traffic filter. These filters operate between web server and visitors, preventing and filtering the traffics generated by the botnet/attacker and allowing traffic generated by real visitors to enter the web server. Unlike captcha method, traffic filtering is transparent to the visitors so that it will not affect the user experience when accessing the website.

Web DDoS Filter

Web DDoS Filter main features:

  • Hide server IP: Hide real IP of protected server.
  • Easy deployment: Deploy service fast and easily.
  • Automatic anti-DDOS: Analyze, identify and prevent attacks automatically.
  • Periodical update: Update firewall periodically with the latest technology.
  • High compatibility: Support wide range of source code like PHP, APS.Net.
  • Multi-platform: Support wide range of source codes like Windows or Linux.
  • 24/7 support: Supported by administrators that are experienced in preventing DDOS attack.
  • 99.99% uptime: Ensure stability of website.
  • Cost saving: Do not require powerful hardware and specialized staff to monitor and prevent DDOS attacks to the system.

Web DDoS Filter

VinaHost is a professional provider in the field of hosting/server with more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam and North America. We are committed to providing the best hosting and server services in the Vietnam. With professional, enthusiastic and experienced staff, we will quickly find out and solve your problems.

With years of experience in North American and passion of developing server/hosting technology hosting in Vietnam, VinaHost was officially established in May 2008 by 4 co-founders with the first name of ViNa Server Co., Ltd.

Starting with Shared Hosting and 24/7 technical support, VinaHost is considered one of the first hosting providers offering 24/7/365 technical support in Vietnam. By working for customers with the highest quality, VinaHost gradually get the trust and support of customers. From time to time, VinaHost has grown up and expanded our market services to meet the various requirements of customers. Currently, VinaHost provides services and solutions in the fields of:

  • Server / Colocation
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  • VPS
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