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1. HP server overview

HP Server is a product of the American multinational information technology company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

HP has successfully built a rich and comprehensive ecosystem in the information technology industry, from blade servers, rack servers, storage systems to providing infrastructure solutions and specialized devices to enable serving different needs and sizes of customers, such as edge computing (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data (Big Data), high performance computing (HPC) and Edge Computing.

HP has a long history of building and developing the server array since the 80s, strong in brand name, owns a large market share and has a loyal and stable customer base globally in general and in Vietnam in particular. Up to now, HP has special strengths in the array of x86 servers, blade servers and Unix servers.

HP servers are the world’s best-selling servers, engineered to deliver the highest performance for any workload, with the most secure and economical reliability. In Vietnam, HP dominates the market with 41.3% of the x86 server market share and 33% of the storage system market share (2019 figures – vnreview). The number of products and solutions sold by HP far outstrips its competitors.

High-quality HP Server provides a solution that enhances and simplifies any workstation or server virtualization project, flexible design that optimizes applications, provides fast service, and highly reliable support Best support for business.

2. Some popular HP server lines

  • HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10
  • HPE Proliant DL380 GEN9
  • HPE Proliant DL360 Gen10
  • HPE Proliant DL20 GEN9

3. Advantages of HP server

  • As a leading brand, possessing strengths in both quality and price, HP allows users to own high-quality servers at a reasonable cost compared to the general market.
  • HPE servers are more and more perfect for quality, performance, reliability, yet energy efficiency, allowing users to upgrade easily.
  • HP’s strengths are more diversity and simpler switches and storage devices, especially those aimed at the SME market. While Dell servers are more focused on large enterprises with their EMC storage devices, HP has a good balance of features, performance and price with storage devices.

  • Create many new products, improve quality and bring cost advantages for small and medium business customers.
    Flexible business strategy, providing server products according to individual orders, meeting the diverse needs of customers.
  • Creating an online account through the HPE website allows customers to easily update their profile, recording the hardware information of the HP server they own. Users also have access to 24/7 HP support, manage new orders and comfortably experience HP support services. HP always strives to support the management of daily system operations, while freeing up resources to maximize server performance.

  • According to the Out of Band Management system, the management tool of HP server is iLO and Dell EMC’s is iDRAC . Both systems offer similar features, such as HTML5 support. A basic ILO version is available, however an advanced version requires a license. Overall, the GUI with ILO seems more intuitive and the platform seems more flexible, but there are still many other important points to consider.

4. Limitations of HP server

The price of HP servers is not low, at the same level as DELL, although now HP has a more flexible pricing policy. Customers can negotiate with suppliers to get the best server configuration at a reasonable price. With the same configuration level, HP is a bit more expensive than Dell, but HP server prices are known to be more flexible, with more choices.

HP requires customers to have a service/support contract if they want to download new updates. It is not easy to find drivers and support software through the HP platform.
In general, the HPE website is also quite difficult to find information and support, although they have a very rich repository of documentation/tutorials. But in recent years, HPE has also significantly improved its supply chain-related services and server replacement.

5. VinaHost – A reputable – professional Server HP provider

VinaHost is a professional distributor of HP servers, committed to providing genuine, brand-new, quality-assured HP servers with original accessories. We have more than 12 years of experience in the field of providing Dedidcated server – Colocation – Hosting and have built a certain reputation in the industry.


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