If you’re running an online retail business in Vietnam, a dedicated server Vietnam is the best choice to host your site with, in spite of the fact that it is quite expensive than shared hosting or VPS. It should be taken as a business investment, which will pay back after a certain period. As with a server Vietnam, you will not be sharing resources with any other user, your site would be more safe and stable.

We provide Customize Server and Instant Server. Instant Server is a dedicated servers service that is automatically activated according to customer requirements. Features of Instant Server service:

  • Auto-install, auto-reload OS
  • Server management by KVM Console
  • Bandwidth usage statistics
  • Rescue feature when there is a problem (Rescue Mode)

Clients can find out these features at VinaHost’s Client Area.

Advantages of Instant Server compared to traditional Server Vietnam:

FeaturesNormal ServerInstant Server
Server Management Interface (START, STOP, RESET)No / Limited
KVM consoleNo / Limited

Top dedicated servers in hanoi assures you that your business will never face an unwanted situation, such as server crash or slowed down with surge in traffic of another website as happens in a shared environment. Server Vietnam also gives your retail business an enhanced security as you’ll be allowed to run your own custom firewall in order to enforce your own access control policy.

Moreover, your Website will also be less prone to online security threat. Some hosting services, in their extended services, offer maintenance and support on the servers. A managed vn server gives you a complete peace-of-mind since your server uptime monitoring, security patch updated, hardware warranty and such other jobs are handled quite efficiently by a team of experts at the web hosting vendor. If any problem arises, it is detected and handled easily by the technical support staffs.

If you are looking for a server VN provider, do not hesitate to contact us for free support. As leading sever vendor in Vietnam, we provide our customer with high quality Vietnam dedicated server hosting with the features:

  • Tier 3 DC: VinaHost is a strategic partner of the best ISPs that provide the largest and newest data centers (DCs) in Vietnam. The Tier 3 DCs can meet all standards about redundancy, security, fire safety and power safety. We provide a wide range of server Vietnam options including server rack, Cabinets, Mounts and More… Thanks to our flexible monthly payment policy, you will own a high quality server Vietnam at an affordable price.
  • 24/7/365 tech support: We have the best experts in the fields of information system and open source that are able to solve all of customer problems and support by English in all cases. All of VinaHost information channels also have English version for international customers.
  • 99.99% uptime commitment: A good website/app/sofware not only has to have high loading speed but also need to be “Uptime”. Uptime is a computer industry concept for the time during which a computer operates. All Vietnam servers at VinaHost are located in Tier 3 DC so that we are committed to ensure 99.99% commitment.

  • Unlimited data transfer: At VinaHost, We are committed to providing unlimited data transfer for our server/colocation services, ensuring the high speed and stable connection.
  • Powerful hardware, diverse configuration: VinaHost provides customer with high quality dedicated server in Vietnam with specified powerful hardware, appropriate configuration and affordable prices. You can chooose IBM, Supermicro or Dell server  with 2 CPUs and up to 64GB of RAM or above as your requirement. The reliable, durable and powerful servers allow you to flexibly expand hardware resources depending on your business growth. Also, VinaHost provides full of management server Vietnam service for private requirement and free managed services for all customers.
  • Flexible payment method & affordable price: At VinaHost, you are allowed to make payment monthly. This is an ideal choice for customers that consider developing short-term projects or want to experience VinaHost services in a short time. We provide multiple payment methods for domestic and international customers as direct payment, payment by banks and online payment by OnePay, PayPal and credit card.

Server VietNam

  • Free setup fee and full-service administration on demand: If you do not have tech experience to control your server Vietnam yourself, do not worry as we also provide free administration and full-service administration on demand and server solutions such as: Firewall and Anti DDOS Proxy, Video streaming, Anti-Video-Downloading, Load Balance,…
Dedicated server Vietnam is the best solution for enterprises that need to run large short-term projects. Vietnam server at VinaHost allows you to locate your server at Tier 3 Data Center that ensures a high transmission speed and 24/7 technical support. In addition, we provide customer with free administration and full-service administration on demand.

If you need to locate your server in Vietnam, CambodiaUSA, Thailand, Korea or Singapore, please contact VinaHost directly via hotline 1900 6046, ticket or email for help.

Dedicated Server Vietnam specifications

✅ Server brand⭐️ SuperMicro / Dell
✅ CPU physical cores⭐️ 4 -18 cores
✅ HDD⭐️ 500 GB – 1TB
✅ Bandwidth⭐️ 100 Mbps
✅ RAM⭐️ 16 – 32 GB
✅ Price⭐️ 125.00 USD – 405.00 USD/Month
For support, please feel free to contact us: