Full Service Management

Limited support

VinaHost Technical Team will be responsible to perform all administrative including:

Install and configure the main services of web server

  • Use the software such as Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Exim, BIND or similar on Linux.
  • Based on usage statistics or ask customers to tweak the configuration optimization.

Install the software and other services as required by customers

  • Consult to choose the software & services provider as required functions.
  • Install, deployment technology, software and services are compatible with the system configuration is used.
  • Perform detailed configuration software and manual customer usage.

Transfer data from servers of other providers to VinaHost services package.

The test periodic updates system operation

  • Check and update patches weekly.
  • Update Operating system and new versions of the software as customer requirements.

Install and configure the firewall to restrict the DDOS attack

  • Deploy automatically anti-DDOS tools.
  • Subscribe to handle small-sized DDoS attacks.
  • Configure according to the needs of customer use.

Check and process of security vulnerabilities

  • Check periodically vulnerabilities on servers with automated tools.
  • Find our to analyze the method of attack as signs of vandalism and implement appropriate control measures.
  • Assess the security level of the source is used, test process management of customer websites and consult solutions.
  • Use the corresponding data backup to restore the operation of the hacked sites if necessary.

Configurate data backup mechanism as required by customers

  • Configurate backup on the server of client or use the backup service of VinaHost (backup.php).
  • Configurate rotate backup daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Configure to filter the data that is not necessary when conducting backups.
  • Perform data restoration from backup when needed.
  • Check weekly, guaranteed data backup system stable operation.

Use the tracking system of VinaHost

  • Subscribe to the basic services of the server (SSH / Apache / Nginx / MySQL), network connections and the level of resources used by the server.
  • Configure the system to send automatic notifications for the technical team and customers via email (if required) when the server crashes.
  • Provide statistical information on the use of resources for consultants upgrade or tweak server configuration optimized website if necessary.

Handle the breakdown of the web server and related services from VinaHost warning system or notice from customers.

Support for issues related to the requirements of the website source code

  • Check to determine server configuration requirements to satisfy the requirements of the customer source website.
  • Ensure the transfer website source from other suppliers to the new server at VinaHost will operate stable equivalent the current server.
  • XDetermine error cause access / visibility of the website on a server alone.

Customer responsibility

  • To ensure the monitoring and the server management are done in the most optimal level, VinaHost technical team will proceed to revoke governance at the highest levels and limit some access to server.
  • All administrative operations on the server will be stored and delivered to customers upon request.
  • You should coordinate technical team when making changes to upgrade the website source code can affect the operation of the website or to the security of the server.

Service costs

  • Virtual servers management: $50/month.
  • Private Server or colocation of server: $100/month
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