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VinaHost is a supplier of  Dell server cheap, reputable, committed to genuine quality, completely new, with original accessories. Call hotline  1900 6046 or email  for the best price.

1. Dell server overview

Dell Server Server is a product of the famous global server manufacturer – Dell Dell EMC. DELL server is a server line with top sales in the world, receiving high praise for quality. Dell Server is designed on an automatic, secure, easy-to-use management platform.

In Vietnam, Dell holds 32% of the server market share, behind HP. Dell EMC servers have affirmed their position in the market by quality products, professionalism, excellent support services, helping businesses solve work quickly and efficiently.

Dell Server  provides two popular designs today, Dell Rack Server and Dell Server Tower, supporting one socket to many sockets, processing data faster and more efficiently, flexible design to optimize applications .

High-quality  Dell EMCserver is loved by users for its high performance, fast speed and large storage capacity. 27% more CPU cores and up to 50% more memory bandwidth for easy customization according to business budget needs.

2. Some popular Dell server lines

  • Dell Poweredge Server R440
  • Dell PowerEdge R640 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R740 . Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R630 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge R730 . Server

3. Advantages of Dell servers

  • Brand strength, outstanding performance, high stability, large upgradeability, reasonable cost are Dell’s most outstanding advantages. Dell servers have about 20% better performance than HP servers. That means Dell servers work faster under the pressure of intensity and time.
  • Dell servers have very high reliability, rarely encounter problems. Dell EMC also continuously improves their servers, and that’s proven by the new server lines being produced.
  • There is no charge for customers to download any updates or firmwares. Dell’s website is also very intuitive, customers can easily find updates for the system.
  • Dell’s customer support service is very much appreciated. If you have enough budget, try  service Dell Prosupport for professional support. It is this efficient support service and small differences that make Dell servers a trusted choice for many customers.

4. Limitations of Dell servers

  • Most customers say that the Dell server price is quite high,  equivalent to HP. However, over the years, Dell has become more affordable, but the price difference is not that big now compared to before. Dell EMC and HPE are both rated quite similar in terms of service, quality and reliability, but HP’s price is more flexible.
  • With the same configuration level, HP slightly more expensive than Dell, however HP server prices are known to be more flexible, with more choices. In general, Dell servers are more suitable in enterprise environments.
  • According to the Out of Band Management system, the management tool of HP server is iLO and Dell EMC’s is iDRAC. Both systems offer similar features, such as HTML5 support. iDRAC has evolved and matured over a long period of time. You no longer have to use java after iDRAC 7, although the Graphical User Interface is not as pretty as the new iLO GUI. iDRAC uses a license that can be purchased on the secondary market and prevents being locked back to the OEM. Updates seem to be a bit slower than iLO.

5. VinaHost – Prestigious – Professional Server Dell Provider

VinaHost is a reputable – professional server distribution unit Dell Server. We are committed to providing cheap Dell servers guaranteed genuine quality, brand new, original accessories. We have more than 12 years of experience in the field of providing Dedicated server – Colocation – Hosting  and have built a certain reputation in the industry.


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