Domain Name Management Responsibilities

1.Responsibility of the domain registrant

Domain name registration owner are entirely responsible before the law for purposes of use and accuracy of the information provided, ensuring the registration and use of domain names as prescribed. Do not infringe upon the rights, the legitimate interests of organizations and individuals.
Domain name registration owners are responsible for managing and maintaining the right to use their own domain name and be responsible for any violations regarding his use of the domain name due to lax management causes.
Domain name registration owners are obliged to manage and track information on operational status and the validity period of the domain name was registered. In all cases, the if domain name does not continue paying the annual fee when due, it is automatically suspended and withdrawn under the regulation.
Domain name registration owners are obliged to notify information according to regulations.

2. Change of Information

When changing contact information or change manager at VinaHost services, domain name registration owners please proactive change management in their accounts. In case a delay in the change of management services, please notify us in writing VinaHost to be resolved.

When changing the name of the agency, organization, or information paper identity card, (the agencies, organizations, and individuals) must immediately notify VinaHost to have appropriate counseling.

VinaHost can not and will not bear legal liability and compensation for any loss or damage incurred by the customer choosing to not comply with this provision.

3. Pay registration and renewal fee 

TDomain names registered must be submitted with a complete registration fee (collected only 1 time) and domain name maintenance fee (collected annually, a minimum of 1 year, incentive pay for many years) when filing. If the filing fee is incomplete, the domain will not be registered.

Domain name registration subject to proactive monitored information on the operational status, and the validity period of the domain name was registered, must actively pay fees to maintain the domain name of VinaHost, done through email. Charges may maintain domain names for many years paid once or pay for each year.

When submitting the renewal fees, subject domain name registration must provide full information on: Name of entities, registered domain name, and pay any fees for the domain name. Furthermore the year maintained for each domain and compliance to the rules guiding our payment here. VinaHost can not and will not bear legal liability and compensation for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from domain name holder who does not comply with this payment.

​4. Other obligations

Domain name registration entity is responsible for notifications using international domain names at the website of the Ministry of Information and Communications, under Article 23 of the Law on Information Technology

Compliance Circular 09/2008 / TT-MIC Ministry of Information and Communications on management guidance and use of Internet resources

Reference Decree 28/2009 / ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the management, provision and use of Internet services and electronic information on the Internet.

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