Veeam Data Platform

1. Veeam Data Platform Introduction

Veeam helps you recover your data faster: any data, anywhere you need it, recovered safely and reliably. That’s radical resilience. Whether you’re choosing Veeam for your cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS or Kubernetes workloads, you can rest easy knowing that Veeam protects them all.

With Veeam by your side, you have the flexibility you want for today’s hybrid cloud and the confidence you need for long‑term success.

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Data SecurityData RecoveryData Freedom
Multi-layered protection designed for your peace of mindFast and secure data recovery whenever and wherever you need itProtect all your data, anywhere, any way, with zero lock in

Veeam offers a range of licenses to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. The most common types of licenses commonly found are:

  • Essentials: This is the most basic license type, providing backup and restore capabilities for up to 50 instances. Essentials can only be purchased as a perpetual license with annual support.
  • Foundation: This is a more advanced license that offers more features than Essentials, such as disaster recovery and application backups. Foundation can be purchased as a perpetual license or subscription.
  • Advanced: This is the most advanced license type, providing all the features of Foundation as well as additional features, such as cloud backup and restore capabilities and backing up SaaS applications. Advanced can be purchased as a perpetual license or subscription.

Veeam supports cross-platform backup and restore:

2. Main solutions of Veeam Data Platform 

2.1. Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication: Secure Backup, Clean Recovery and Data Resilience – Delivered Instantly; Own, control, backup and recover all your data, anywhere in the hybrid cloud

  • Reduce risk with comprehensive data protection
  • Meet recovery objectives with confidence
  • Accelerate your move to the hybrid cloud

Main features:

Early Threat DetectionProactive Threat HuntingGet a Second OpinionAvoid Reinfection
Our AI-powered built-in Malware Detection Engine engages during backup and performs low-impact, inline entropy and file extensions analysis to swiftly detect threats.Our system instantly flags backup inconsistencies and alerts ServiceNow as well as your preferred SIEM tools so you can quickly assess the situation and minimize risks to your dataBy allowing your cyber-threat tool to report infections directly into the Veeam Incident API, you can mark existing restore points as infected or trigger a backup.With YARA content analysis, identified ransomware strains are pinpointed to prevent any reintroduction of malware into your environment.
Recover With PrecisionGuarantee SurvivalAI-Powered AssistancePut the Spotlight on Malware
Roll back to the moment before the infection hits with the I/O Anomaly Visualizer – point-in-time recovery and minimal data loss, powered by Veeam CDP.Prevent accidental or malicious deletion or encryption of backups by employing a zero-trust architecture, “Four-eyes” admin protection and immutable backups.Need a fast answer? Our in-product, generative AI assistant powered by large language models is trained on product documentation with real-time access to Veeam’s Knowledge Base for up-to-date assistance.Highlight threats, identify risks and measure the security score of your environment in the Veeam Threat Center.
Verify Security and ComplianceAWS, Azure and Google Cloud BackupData Stays SafeInstant Recovery, Anywhere You Need It
Boost your recovery confidence with automated scans using the Security & Compliance Analyzer, leveraging infrastructure hardening and data protection best practices.Keep your hybrid- and multi-cloud infrastructure resilient with secure, cost-optimized, cloud-native backup and recovery

Lock down your backups with end-to-end immutability, integrated into your KMS to make management a breeze from creation to deletion.

Hit your SLAs with tested, dependable restores that work seamlessly across multiple clouds and platforms from the pioneer of instant recovery.

2.2. Veeam One

Veeam ONE – part of Veeam Availability Suite – integrates seamlessly into your entire IT environment providing clear visibility into virtual and Veeam-protected cloud and physical Workloads. It provides monitoring, reporting and intelligent tools to help your business with the automation and control you need to maintain Availability by protecting against potential problems before operational impact, featuring:

  • Powerful infrastructure monitoring and reporting
  • Intelligent Diagnostics and automated resolutions
  • Infrastructure utilization and capacity planning

Main features:

Monitoring and ReportingIntelligent AutomationCapacity Planning and ChargebackGovernance and ComplianceAdditional Capabilities
Veeam ONE helps you avoid downtime and meet SLAs with 24.7 real-time monitoring, reporting, and alerting for backup,
virtual and physical environments.

  • Proactive Alerting and Reporting
  • Heatmaps
  • Nutanix AHV Backups
  • NAS Backups
  • IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris
  • Google Cloud
Reduce costs and improve response times, by quickly resolving common infrastructure and backup-related issues with
Veeam Intelligent Diagnostics and Remediation Actions.

  • Remediation Actions
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
Do you know who are your largest consumers, how much they’re consuming, and when you’ll need additional resources?
Veeam ONE can help.

  • Capacity Planning
  • Chargeback and Billing
Stay open for business! Maintain a complete understanding of where your data is located and what data is in your environment, at all times.

  • Backup Compliance Reporting
  • Stop ransomware in its tracks.
Need more? Veeam ONE has it. Check out these additional capabilities that help you maintain clear visibility
of your entire environment.

  • Identify EVERY Unprotected VM and Agent.
  • Change Tracking and Auditing.
  • Business View
  • Raw Data Analysis and Report Customization

2.3. Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO)

Orchestrate Radical Resilience resurrect your business with a single click by achieving the speed and power needed to keep your business running. Add Confidence to Your Recovery Plan to say goodbye to negative business impacts, brand damage and losing customer confidence with a tested, proven solution that ensures recovery every time (and even writes its own reports!).

Remove the guesswork with tested, orchestrated recovery

  • Automate low-impact testing to verify recovery
  • Orchestrate recovery, tailored to your needs
  • Prove compliance with dynamic test reports

Main features:

Seamless RecoveryShine the Spotlight on MalwarePlanned Failover Without DisruptionAutomated Cloud Recovery Validation
Restore clean data by continuously scanning for ransomware and identifying the latest clean restore point.Highlight threats, assess risks and measure your environment’s security score in the Veeam Threat Center.Verified and carefully orchestrated recovery for times when you need to strategize and execute failover without disrupting the critical workloads that drive your business.Get your time back by automating manual post-recovery tasks when recovering an on-premises workload into Microsoft Azure.
Enterprise IntegrationRecovery to the CloudAutomated TestingDynamic Documentation
Achieve a perfect fit into your environment using APIs and run custom scripts during testing and execution.With Orchestrated Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure, your business gains extra resilience through cloud-based disaster recovery.Conduct non-disruptive disaster recovery tests, scheduled on on-demand, to make sure your desired RTOs and RPOs are achievable.Generate and create disaster recovery documentation automatically to prove readiness and compliance.
One-Click RecoveryApplication VerificationSecure Role-Based AccessInstant Test Lab
Effortlessly recover individual applications or entire sites from any location with just one click from the web interface.Confirm that your common enterprise applications are functioning correctly post-recovery.Delegate and control secure access for application owners and operations teams.Use your backups and replicas for patch testing without impacting production.

3. Contact sales

For free trial plans, please contact us:

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