Data backup

Backup technology

  • High quality hard drive (Western Digital Enterprise, Intel SSD) to limit the hardware issues.
  • RAID10 configuration with 4 hard drives, ensuring data is not affected when a hard drive has problem.
  • Distributed data storage across multiple servers.
  • Backup cross-data center, redundant when natural disasters occur.
  • Automated backup, automatically check for errors and report the results of daily backups.
  • Perform data verification process is backed up periodically.
  • Constantly consider upgrading data backup technology.
  • Optimize data when backups to minimize impact to the performance of the server processor.

Free backup

Applies to all standard hosting, resellers hosting
  • Back up the entire database, website source and email data of clients.
  • Recover data and test results as required by the customer.
  • Back up the entire domain configuration and server configuration, ensuring that it can restore service in the shortest possible time, even in the case of a serious incident.

Customer responsibility

Customers are responsible for actively find and implement suitable measures to limit the loss of data, should not rely on data backup mechanisms are supported to ignore the issues of security or not take measures to secure the necessary data.
VinaHost not be liable if free backups do not recover corrupted for any reason.
Technical Team is willing to advise customers how to do the backup mechanism respectively on the virtual server service pack, dedicated server and server space charter bookings, but customers need to actively choose the best configuration according priority and importance of the data, the frequency of change and the amount of data.

If you need private backup, please refer [here].

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