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[Seo Marketing Tools] Advantages of SEO Hosting | VinaHost.VN

1. What is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is created to optimize the SEO process. VinaHost SEO hosting allows you to assign different IP addresses to a SEO hosting account. You also can run multiple websites on your SEO hosting and each site has its own IP. This will optimize and enhance the website ranks with the search engines.

  • Dedicated public IP for each website.
  • Optimize WordPress source code.
  • CloudLinux operating system - Free AutoSSL.

2. Advantages of VinaHost SEO Hosting

SEO hosting allows you to assign different IP addresses to a hosting account (different C-Class). Besides, it also integrates "SEO AND MARKETING TOOLS" plugin with the following features:

  • Check and declare website's sitemap
  • Google Blacklist Check
  • Link Building
  • See Your New Listings
  • Social Share
  • Email Marketing



Website's sitemap

Website’s sitemap plays an important role in SEO. Creating a robots.txt file and a sitemap of your website allows Google crawlers to check your site quickly and easily.

  • The robots.txt file allows Google bot to enter and search for your website’s links.
  • Sitemap is a map that helps Google bot to find and scan all links (including internal links) of your site.

Note: The robots.txt file should not block Google bots. To avoiding interrupting the Google bot when scanning your website, all 404 pages should be redirected to certain homepages. This is the basic robots.txt file that allows the bot to check your site:

User-agent: *
If using WordPress, you can install Yoast SEO Plugins to automatically create sitemap files and then check your site again with this tool. Also, this way can be applied to other similar source code.

Google Blacklist Check

This feature helps you to check whether your website is listed in Google's database blacklist.


Link Building

This feature allows you to create free Business Directory links for your website. After filling out the form below, choose 3 theme of website to add backlinks from Business Directory.


See Your New Listings

After finishing all these steps above, you can click on "See Your New Listings" to check your site again.

Social Share

This is a paid tool. However, it still provides us with many free plugins to create social share icons like zotabox - easy social share buttons... It’s so useful for WordPress site.

Digital Marketing Tools

Email Marketing

When signing up for a free account, we will introduce you an email marketing tool that bring you too much advantages in marketing, sale and communication.

Although SEO AND MARKETING TOOLS is not a full solution, it is still an effective way to help you check and fix the problems of your website. For more features like Site Audit, Links Building,... you need to pay for them.

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