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[TOP SERVER VIETNAM] - Ways To find BEST Provider!


1. What you expect from a Top Server Vietnam Provider?

With many year of experience in storage solution, VinaHost is the ideal choice for you. We provide high quality server services with the advantages:  

  • Powerful hardware
  • Strong and stable domestic and international transmission speed
  • Tier standardized Data Center
  • 99.99% uptime commitment
  • Flexible payment policies
  • 30 days no question-asked refund policies
  • Professional technical support in English
  • 24/7 tech support

VinaHost is a quality vendor with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of Server, Hosting, Cloud, VPS, Website, Email, License, SSL and other services. As one of the first providers in the field of server services in Vietnam, VinaHost is able to meet all requirements of customers. If you are confused about our storage options, VinaHost will offer you the most appropriate plan.

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2. Why you should choose VinaHost server services?


Powerful hardware

VinaHost provides high quality server service with powerful hardware, appropriate configuration and reasonable prices. We provide customers with Dell, IBM, SuperMicro servers with 2 CPUs (Xeon, 4 cores) and 8GB of RAM or above as your demand. The powerful, reliable and durable servers allow you to flexibly expand hardware resources depending on your need and business development. Besides, VinaHost also provides full of management server service for private requirement and free managed services for all customers.

Tier 3 Data Center

As mentioned above, VinaHost is a strategic partner of the best ISPs (Viettel IDC and VNPT DATA) that provide the largest and newest data centers (DCs) in Vietnam. The DCs can meet all requirements of Tier 3 standards about security, redundancy, power safety and fire safety.

  • Ensure 100% periodical backups with no successful attacks into the system. All of customer’s data is confidential.
  • Management system of DC is controlled by the operation center in order to monitor and control the network, electricity power, air conditioning, fire protection and security system.
  • The network designed by the redundant principle of Active - Active from connected devices to the network makes connection systems and transmission speed fast and stably.
  • The main generator and the backup system provide strong, safe and stable electrical power all the time.
  • The most modern air conditioning system in Vietnam with capacity of 200 RT, smoke warning systems, water leak detection and intelligent fire extinguishing system FM200 always operate continuously.
  • Security of DC is guaranteed with monitoring systems DC’s inside and outside.

If you want to place your servers in USA or Singapore, please contact VinaHost directly.

Automated backups

Site speed and backup service are always important factors you need to consider when choosing Vietnam top server. We have to emphasize that it’s so important for users to make regular data backups. Besides, restoring to one of these backups is usually no trivial task. At VinaHost, web provides customer with 7 regular backups support over the last 7 days. You don’t need to worry about your data security any more.


Strong and stable domestic and international transmission speed

Internet connections can directly affect the performance of the server system. With fast, stable and consecutive transmission speed and high bandwidth, Vinahost ensures that your server system will get the best performance.

VinaHost inherits transmission speed strengths of our two best partners in Vietnam: Viettel IDC and VDC. The capacity of the international Internet gateway of two ISPs gets highest level in Vietnam with many transmission directions: United States, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia ... It consumes almost the entire international bandwidth with wide area network throughout Vietnam.     

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99.99% uptime commitment

A good site not only has to have high loading speed but also need to be "Uptime". One of the first things to consider when buying a server service is how to deal with potential Downtime-Uptime.

  • Uptime is a computer industry concept for the time during which a computer operates.
  • Downtime is the time when website is not operational. The best option is choosing server vendor that places their servers in Tier standardized data center with the highest Uptime commitment.

At VinaHost, our servers are all located in Tier 3 Data center so that we are committed to ensure highest priority commitment - 99.99%. You can track your server with free server monitoring tools as Uptime Robot, StatusCake, UpTimeDoctor, UpDown.io…

Monthly payment policies

Like many international server service providers, VinaHost supports multiple payment methods for domestic and international customers as direct payment, payment by banks and online payment by OnePay, PayPal and credit card. Especially, VinaHost allow customer using server service to make payment monthly. This is suitable for customers that consider running short-term projects or want to experience VinaHost services in a short time.

24/7 tech support and multiple customer support methods

Our customer service may include pre-sales questions, billing and tech support. Besides, VinaHost is also one of the first server Vietnam providers that support 24/7 to customers in many ways like ticket, phone, live-chat. We offer the support method below:

  • Phone: This support method is suitable for the customers who like the traditional support by phone. This way is also use in urgent cases, prioritize cases or in the case customers do not have the Internet connection.
  • Email: This support method is recommended to use in all cases, it allows VinaHost to verify customer’s service ownership quickly and provide many other facilities to customers. Customers can send an email directly to support@vinahost.vn and our system will automatically switch it to the corresponding ticket. VinaHost makes sure that our support team will respond to all requests within 15 minutes.
  • Live chat: Live chat is suitable for customers who want to make online exchange about choosing appropriate service or resolving other issues that need coordination from both the customer and VinaHost technical staff.
  • Social media, community networking as blogs and forums are our great methods to help our client. This is also a good way to get assistance fast. Customer can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, Media, Tumbrl or so on for more information.
  • Knowledge Base/ FAQ - this is simply a listing of popular Q & A. A good stocked knowledge base can save lots of time so that the customer can help themselves by searching for the answers to popular questions without contact us.

Professional technical support in English

The language barrier is one of the most concerned things when you choose an international service. You will be satisfied with VinaHost service because we have the best experts in information system and open source that are able to solve all of customer problems and support by English in all cases. You hardly find this with other providers in Vietnam. Besides, all of VinaHost information channels always support the English version for international customers.

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3. What we VinaHost Offer?


Currently, we provide customer with 4 main server services: dedicated Vietnam server, Colocation, Cloud server, server solutions.


Dedicated servers

  • Appropriate solution for large enterprises that has strong budget or run short-term projects.
  • Meet the demands of expanding hardware to run large websites and store big data.
  • Meet the need to locate servers in Tier 3 international-standardized data centers, ensure fast transmission speeds and 24/7 technical support.


  • Appropriate solution for customers who has stable budget, run long-term project.
  • Meet the need to locate servers in Tier 3 international-standardized data centers, ensure fast transmission speeds and 24/7 technical support.

Cloud server

Cloud server is the appropriate solution for customers who need high stable server to run e-commerce system, news website, ERP systems or online applications operated on the cloud computing platform of IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service model.

  • Use DELL powerful hardware, Intel E5 CPU and full-SSD combining with NVMe hard drive to speed up Cloud Server.
  • Support 24/7, ensure 99% uptime and deploy Ceph's distributed storage technology to increase system availability.
  • Support IPv6, private IPv4 and periodical back-up for free, ensure data security.
  • Provide Direct Admin for free and allow users to directly work with HTML 5 Console.
  • Provide powerful network infrastructure: 10Gbps network infrastructure with dual-switch ensures smooth and fast data transfer.
  • Use Full KVM virtualization technology to divide 100% real resources and run on multiple OS like Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE Linux...
  • Flexibly expand, fast deploy, easily manage and provide unlimited data transfer.
  • Backup support
  • Provide free daily backup. Cloud server daily backup are conducted on dedicated backup system. Cloud server backups are always available to restore under any circumstances.
  • Provide private cloud solutions according to customer needs: Traditional dedicated server in Vietnam is replaced with private cloud server in order to optimize the hardware/network infrastructure as well as resource management, distribution and retrieve. As a result, time for producing as well as launching products/services will be significantly reduced.

Server solutions

  • Video streaming - Video anti-download solution: Prevent video from illegal downloads, prevent video link from stealing, minimize streaming interruption, protect server resources, license and website’s revenue.
  • Website speed-up and load-capacity solutions: Optimize system to speed up website and increase load capacity. Depending on the specific system, VinaHost will analyze and provide customers with the optimal solution to increase website speed and server’s load capacity. As a result, this solution will improve the ability of system to meet the great deals of traffic at the same time, including:
  • Database Cluster: Combine multiple servers to improve performance, load balancing, redundancy, and scalability to meet the needs of big website/applications with high requirements of database query.
  • Web Cluster: Improve server performance, ensures redundancy, availability, and scalability by combining at least 3 servers to meet the needs of a big website.
  • Optimal LAMP / LEMP stack solution on dedicated server: Optimize the LAMP / LEMP Stack on dedicated server in order to speed up your website and support the growing number of visitors with limited resources. Besides, this solution also helps your website to get higher evaluation when checking with Google page speed and search engines as well as increases the conversion rate of website.
  • Firewall and anti-DOS DDOS attack solution: Prevent your system from DOS/DDOS attack, improve load capacity of network connection and protect legitimate visitors from being affected by DOS/DDOS attacks.
  • Monitoring and surveillance concentration solution: Monitor and do statistics of server's performance and automatically send a timely warning to the user.

4. Want to sign up for a Free Trial server services?


With absolute commitment to quality of service, VinaHost is not only reputable provider but also a reliable companion of all customers. As one of the top server Vietnam provider, we always understand that the success of our customers and partners is also our success. If you want to sign up for free trial phan, please contact us for consultant:

  • Email: Support@vinahost.vn
  • Livechat: https://livechat.vinahost.vn/chat.php?a=66634&hfk=MQ__
  • Hotline: 1900. 6046

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