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I. What Cloud VPS Thailand is and how it benefits you

1. What is Cloud VPS Thailand?

Cloud VPS Thailand is the best choice for customers who need a virtual server in Thailand to host websites, develop platforms, test/program or make research with virtual environment. It provides high stability, smooth data transmission and powerful resources.

2. The Differences Between VPS and Shared Hosting


Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting, and it shares some things in common with VPS. With both shared hosting and Cloud VPS, you have a single physical server that hosts multi-sites for a number of clients.

Shared hosting shares resources between all of the accounts on a single server. There is a layer of separation between the accounts, but a resource-hungry site can end up slowing down the others as the way they share resources.

Whilst VPS also host multi-sites for a number of different clients on the same physical server hardware, virtualization technology is used to place barriers between each account. Resources are also divided up between each account, so you are guaranteed a certain level of performance.

3. What are benefits of Cloud VPS in Thailand?


Each Cloud VPS Thailand is a completely separate system with its own operating system. So users can control the root management and restart system anytime. This protects Cloud VPS nearly 100% from local attack.

Unlike shared hosting, in case one VPS account is attacked, the others are not affected. Cloud VPS is a suitable solution for medium business which possess a multi-site system with medium - big data.

Using VPS brings you a lot of benefits:

  • Private server: VPS perfectly works as a dedicated server with own private RAM, CPU, Hard drive, IP address and OS.
  • Cost-saving: VPS will separate the resources of a physical server into multiple, allows user to take advantage of the resources and reduce the number of dedicated servers. You will save lots of money and the server administrators can created more VPS for rent.
  • High performance: You can use VPS to set up Web Server, Mail Server as well as other apps, access site by using a web browser on a VPS, upload/download with high speed.
  • Easy to upgrade: You can easily update your VPS without rebooting the system, promptly reinstall the OS in a few minutes.
  • Testing environment: Cloud VPS Thailand is so useful in experiment environment for demo project because there no need to have many multi-dedicated servers.

However, Cloud VPS requires user’s management like server configuration, system security... In additions, stability of VPS is affected by dedicated server performance and limited resource of dedicated server may be shared with many different clients.

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II. Who need a Cloud VPS in Thailand?



Because VPS falls between shared hosting and dedicated server in terms of security, performance and cost, a VPS is a good choice for growing sites that do not need the resources of a dedicated server.

Shared hosting is a great solution to start out when building a new site, especially if you're not sure how much traffic you will be dealing with. If you notice that your shared hosting is slowing down site page loading times, then that it is the time to move up to a VPS.

Another good reason to find VPS vendors in Thailand is if you have any concerns about security issues. A VPS will always be more secure than a shared hosting.

VPS is so common these users:

  • Businesses: high resource website, ecommerce site, media streaming, database & email server, data storage.
  • Web developers: development sand box, bespoke scripts, platform & software.
  • Web designers: multi-site hosting, sandbox, hosting client’s websites.
  • Advanced webmasters: bespoke scripts & software, dynamic functionality, large websites, multi-site hosting, database server & email server.

Using VPS Thailand cheap is not simple for every user because it is not only higher version of shared hosting but also a private server, so that you need to have management skills. It may be a good solution for technological and experienced users.

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III. About VinaHost – top Cloud VPS Thailand Provider

1. About VinaHost


VinaHost is a top vendor in the field of hosting/VPS/server with more than 12 years of experience in Vietnam and North America. We are committed to offering the quality server services in Vietnam and all over the world. Our professional, enthusiastic and experienced engineer will help you find out and handle your problems quickly.

VinaHost Co. Ltd, was established in 2008 by 4 co-founders that had the same passion of developing server/hosting technology hosting in Vietnam. From time to time, thanks to focusing on service quality and user support, we gradually get the trust and support of users.

VinaHost has now grown up and offer more and more services and solutions to meet the need of clients. We started with Shared Hosting - 24/7 technical support service and till now we provides wide range of services in the fields of: Hosting/Server, Cloud/VPS, Anti DDoS Service, Email, Domain, Web Design, Backup, License, SSL...


Our Cloud VPS Thailand is the best option for those that need to grow their business in Thailand or Southeast Asia.

2. VinaHost - best Cloud VPS Thailand Provider


As leading VPS vendors in Thailand, we provide our user with high quality Cloud VPS in Thailand services with the features:

  • Intel Xeon Platinum server, NVMe SSD.
  • 24/7 support in 15 minutes.
  • 99.99% Uptime commitment.
  • Tier 3 Data Center
  • Full virtualization technology KVM; Docker supported.
  • OS installation & data transfer support.
  • Free weekly backups.
  • Free DirectAdmin license.

Our business goal is to help you get long-term success with your project. If you are looking for a Cloud VPS in Thailand, do not hesitate to contact us for free support.

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IV. Features of VinaHost’s Cloud VPS Thailand

1. High-end servers




We only use High-end Intel Xeon Platinum servers, and NVMe SSDs that help get the best performance of Cloud VPS.

Storage: Hard disk is the storage space that saves the installation file of the operating system and source code. SSD is faster than HDD about 300 times so that VPS with SSD will be more expensive than HDD. Hard drives have a big impact on the load speed of VPS. SSDs have better durability, stability, speed and shock resistance compared to SDDs. VPS hosting Thailand uses NVMe SSDs that help VPS get the high load speed. Currently we allow you to select the storage from 15GB to 90GB and more.

CPU core: A dedicated server has a certain CPU cores and it will be distributed to the cloud VPS. The higher vCPU core number cloud VPS has, the better data processing it will get. Each core can sequentially processing data packets and multi-CPU-core combinations will increase the overall processing speed of the system. At VinaHost we provide Cloud VPS Thailand with 2 vCPU, 4vCPU. Please contact us if you need more vCPU for your VPS.


RAM: Currently we allow you to select the RAM memory from 1GB RAM to 4GB RAM and more. Depending on your web traffic as well as VPS optimization, you will choose suitable RAM memory. More RAM, better the data access. In a server RAM is the main memory. It will handle the code, database queries, support encoding data. You need to check if your cloud VPS uses physical or virtual RAM to avoid estimating the performance of your VPS incorrectly.

2. Virtualization technology


Depending on your demand, you can choose full or partial virtualization. VPS Thailand cheap using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization technology that will allow you take full control of VPS.

KVM is a full VT that performs real virtualization on dedicated server hardware. As a result, KVM cloud VPS is allocated a dedicated resource which is independent of another VPS on the same node. The server runs Linux whilst KVM cloud VPS can run both Linux & Windows. Due to the advantages, KVM cloud VPS is more expensive. KVM is provided separate resources, avoiding sharing with other dedicated server on the same node. Root servers are setup with Linux, but KVM supports VPS that can operate both Linux & Windows.

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3. 24/7 technical support


Our best VPS Thailand service may include pre-sales questions, tech support and billing. No matter where you are, we are always ready to help by phone, ticket and liveChat within 15 minutes. Our staffs are the best engineers in the fields of information system that can solve all problems and support by English in all cases.

  • Phone: Please call us on 1900.6046 (enter 2 for technical support) Whenever you need help.
  • Live chat: Live chat is suitable for those who want to make online exchange about choosing appropriate service or resolving other issues that need coordination from both the users and VinaHost technical staffs.
  • Ticket: When you send email to, our system will switch it to the corresponding ticket automatically. We make sure that our support team will respond to all tickets about Cloud VPS Thailand within minimum 15 mins.

Beside, you can find us on Social media (blogs, forums,..) to get assistance quickly. So we created our social profile to help our users in case they do not need our technical support. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linked, Twitter, Media, Tumbrl… for more information.

4. OS installation & transfer


Most VPS service vendor will support the following OS:

  • Debian (Linux)
  • Fedora (Linux)
  • CentOS (Linux)
  • Ubuntu (Linux)
  • Windows Server (Windows)

If you are the newbie, let choose CentOS as it is so popular and easy to use. If you use WordPress, select the Linux.

You can choose to operate your apps on either Linux or Windows server. Open source Linux Servers offer a cost effective alternative to the Windows Servers, as licensing is free in the case of Linux.

However, there are commercial products also offered by Linux, available at a monthly licensing fee. While there is no set standard for operating systems; most data center service vendors offer wide range of options to choose from, including  OpenBSD, Debian, NetBSD, Fedora Core, FreeBSD and CentOS...

Our team will set up your OS or transfer your data from the start.

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5. Free backup


Site speed and backup service are always important factors you need to consider when choosing VPS vendors in Thailand. VinaHost has to emphasize that it is so vital for users to make regular data backups. At VinaHost we provide free weekly backup and save 3 backup 3 last weeks. You do not need to back up yourself to avoid data loss.

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6. Unlimited data transfer


Data transfer is known as the amount of digital data that transfer from one place to another in a specific time, usually one second.

Bandwidth is the maximum data transferring between the site and users each month. You should choose unlimited VPS or large bandwidth package (over 100GB/month) to protect your site from blocking due to using exceeded bandwidth.

It is hard for you to get 100 mbps of bandwidth at an office whilst DCs can meet this easily because hay have large bandwidth pipes and they receive connections from multiple vendors.

Actually, the DC’s economy of scale can help you get better service for less cost in most cases. Using Cloud VPS at VinaHost will provide you with unlimited data transfer for our server/colocation services, ensuring the high speed and stable connectivity.

7. 99.99% Uptime commitment


A good website not only has to have high load speed but also need to be always "Uptime". One of the first things to consider when buying a cloud hosting Thailand is how to deal with potential Downtime-Uptime. At VinaHost, we locate all servers at Tier 3 data center in Thailand so that we are committed to ensure 99.99% uptime commitment. This is a computer industry concept for the period during which a server operates. That means your servers are always stable and secure.

8. Tier 3 Data center


VinaHost is an important partner of the best ISPs that provide the largest Tier data centers (DCs) in Thailand. The Tier 3 DCs can meet all standards about performance, security, redundancy and safety.

VinaHost also provide a many options of colocation service like server rack, Cabinets, Mounts and More... With our flexible monthly payment policy, you can make the best choice of high quality server service at an affordable price.

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9. No IP sharing


IP refers to the number of IP addresses that you get from your provider. These IP address will be randomly selected. If you buy more different IPs, the IPs will have the same class A and B. For example: Each Cloud VPS Thailand has its own public IP, ensuring resource allocation is guaranteed.

9. VPS management services


We offer 2 options for customer:

  • Unmanaged VPS: If you have experience in managing VPS, you can buy unmanaged VPS for saving cost. Unmanaged service does not include the administration of VPS. We just ensure that your VPS will not get downtime or other errors originated from the primary server. With this service, you have to install webserver, configuration, software, security system by yourself. And you are absolutely responsible for your setup.
  • Managed VPS: Managed VPS is suitable choice for users who need to use VPS without any administration skill. Managed VPS is the service includes performance, assistance, installation, optimal and security for VPS. You need to pay for management fee for this service.

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V. Register trial Cloud VPS in Thailand


Currently, we provide customer with 3 options of VPS service:

  • Cloud VPS Thailand
  • Pro VPS SSD (KVM)
  • VPS SSD (OpenVZ)

 If you are looking for best VPS Thailand, please contact us for help:

  • Email:
  • Livechat:
  • Hotline: 1900. 6046