Free Colocation Management

Unlimited support

Technical Team is always ready to assist customers 24/7 to perform actions:
  • Check and do statistics hardware performance
  • Check the domestic and International connection speed.
  • Provide using the transmission line traffic statistics.
  • Warn when using network resources mutations signs appear.
  • Check and do statistics level of using hard drives resource.
  • Turn off services or processes to free up memory or network connections when the server is overloaded.
  • Restart the server.
  • Reset server administrator account password.
  • Rehabilitate remote connection using the default configuration.
  • Provide remote console interface for customer direct troubleshooting check.

Limited support

  • Operations supports on customer server should be confirmed and accompanied by specific implementation guidance to ensure VinaHost compliance processes about data security and configuration of the client server.
Some administrative operations and configurations are supported on servers using the Linux operating system together with the management system hosting (cPanel, DirectAdmin):
  • Consul, provide server and hosting management guide documentation.
  • Upgrade version basic web services (MySQL, Apache, Exim, PHP) compatible management systems hosting.
  • Configuration backup based on data backup functions of the management system hosting.

Some administrative operations implementation supported with limited 1 times

  • Perform optimally manipulate server configuration under the demand of the client website.
  • Perform the installation operation, configuration services, server security checks, assessment overload or unstable operation and manual handling advice.

VinaHost will not support the configuration, installed software, check the other error handling on Windows operating systems or on virtual machines on the server started renting the placemen.

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