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Guarantee transfer domain 2020-02-27 03:46:26
The Ministry of Information and Communications issued Circular No. 16/2016 / TT-BTTT dated 26th June 2016 guiding the transfer of the right to use Internet domain names (Domain name transfer) granted not through auction (Circular No. 16/2016 / TT-BTTT), effective from 15th August, 2016, which is instructed in detailed process and procedures for transferring domain names.

However, the domain name transfer has not been implemented due to the process of trasnferring. The transferor must fulfill the obligation to pay transfer tax of the using Internet domain name, is one of the procedures required to complete the transfer. Currently, the Ministry of Finance has provided for domain name transfer tax.

Officially on 1st June, 2017, the transfer of right to use Internet domain names granted not through auction, is done by registrars that managing the domain names.

Registrar P.A Vietnam would likte to send customers the instructions and information related to domain transfer, transfer tax as follows:

The transfer of the right to use Internet domain names granted not through auction means the organization or individual transferring the entire right to use Internet domain names under the domain name ".VN", granted not through the auction, to the other organizations and individuals.


  • Transferring ensures that the website operates without interruption on the system, there is no risk of losing domain name as cancellation, re-registration. The parties involve in the transferring are allowed to transfer the right to use publicly.
  • Transferring of the right to use domain name complies with the technical operation of renaming and the current usage duration of the domain name is kept unchanged.


  • Requested document to transfer and get the transfer of rights to use the Internet domain name: [Download].

  • Form of registration information of the transferee using the Internet domain name: [Download].

 2 Registrars check, review and announce the result of transfer files about the rights to use domain names to the parties involed in transferring within 5 working days.
3 The parties complete the transfer tax obligation: to send all the paperworks showing the parties completed the transfer tax payment of rights to use domain names as the guidance of the Ministry of Finance.
4 The parties completed the domain name transfer procedure and paid the registration fee + transfer fee.
 5 Registrar coordinate with the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) to register the domain name transfer to the transferee, completion the notification of results to customers.

Receive registration:

- Individuals or organizations can send scans via email to the address
- Hard copy please send by post to the address:
  • VINAHOST Ltd. Company
  • Address: 351/31 No Trang Long, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phone: 1900 6046 ext. 1
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