Service Usage Rules

You should ensure that the object is authorized directly or indirectly and use of VinaHost services must understand and comply with this provision.

1. Purpose of use

You are not allowed to use the services of VinaHost to perform any illegal acts under Socialist Republic of Vietnam and international regulations applicable in Vietnam.

You are not allowed to search for vulnerabilities or take advantage of the utilities and management functions provided by VinaHost to implement the purposes outside the scope of use of the service has been provided.

Customers must take responsibility for the content and purpose of the customer service directly used in VinaHost.

2. Customer account

Customers must provide complete and accurate contact information when you register or update the contact information at VinaHost.

Contact Information needs includes name, address, email, phone and copy of identity card or passport (for the representative individual or company organizations), add business license number code if you are a company or organization.

Customers are responsible for protecting account logins and should not share with other objects.

VinaHost commits to only use the contact information of clients for the purpose of managing the account holder authentication.

3. Payments

VinaHost sends the payment notification via email and supports appropriate period for customers to make payments.

You are responsible for monitoring the notification of payment and make payments on time is specified by the service group.

The refund of the cost of the service is performed under the refund policy of VinaHost.

4. Commitment to quality

The degree of stability and limited support of service packages are described in detail in the pages about prices and configuration of each service. The statistical measurement of quality will be counted by standards of VinaHost.

VinaHost always shown efforts to ensure quality service by implementing flexible policies to support the customer, but the customer needs to grasp the limits of liability of VinaHost and actively implement coordinated actions where the responsibility is also of the customer to maintain and ensure the stability of the service.

5. Licence content

Customers shall be responsible for ensuring that the information content and customer data stored on the service provided by VinaHost will not violate copyright law.

Clients have full ownership and control of data content stored by customers on the services provided by VinaHost.

Depending on the classification of the service package, the technical configuration information of the service pack will be seen as the data content of the customer’s ownership or ownership of VinaHost.

6. Safety data

VinaHost committed no access or tamper with the customer data without the consent of the client confirmed.

VinaHost actively implements measures to ensure the safety of customer data in their capacity limit, depending on the commitment of each service, but will not be responsible for the safety data by the objective problems (such as terrorism, natural disasters, fires, damage to hardware or connection error between servers in data backup systems) or the subjective reasons of customers.

7. Change service

VinaHost can make changes to the service configuration and utility functions with or cease providing some certain types of services, customers will be notified and advised to switch to the service pack corresponding service within appropriate.

8. Lock and cancel service

If customers violate usage rules, using excess service package configuration allows or does not make the payment on time, temporarily lock VinaHost will perform service and customer contact plan agreed to handle.

VinaHost temporarily lock may perform services without waiting for confirmation from the customer agrees, depending on the cause and severity of the incident.

VinaHost not responsible for any damage of the customer’s business or data affected by the package of customer service caused locked.

Customers are responsible for paying the costs involved in storage, backup data integrity of customers during service pack is locked.

Depending on the classification of services, customer data will be canceled if the service pack is locked over a certain period (at least 7 days). Data of Hosting / Email / VPS services will be deleted after 30 days from the expiration date. VinaHost not responsible for the data of the customer after the service pack is canceled.

9. Compensation for damage

In case of violation specified client use and cause damage to VinaHost, customers are responsible for compensation for all the costs.

In case VinaHost not guarantee service quality commitments, VinaHost will compensate the customer in the form of bonus time using the service pack or reimburse the costs customers pay for the time service unusable. The level of compensation due VinaHost decision and does not include any cost of loss caused service disruptions would affect business customers caused.

10. Disclaimer

VinaHost has waived the liability described in the regulations to use the service if there is a separate agreement with each client on the process and limited support.

Customers are not exempt of responsibility described in the rules to use the service in any case.

11. Change the rules of use

VinaHost can change content usage rules based on the change in company policy, in the service package provided VinaHost or documents relevant law. The changes in prices of services, configuration services, or related to the liability would take effect immediately, other changes in policy will be applied after 14 days.

VinaHost will perform a notification of change rules used in case of necessity, however, customers are responsible for regularly checking the content and implementation of strict compliance regulations.

12. Terms of VinaHost services: 

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